Raid Shadow Legends Masteries

[Guide] Raid Shadow Legends Masteries – Things You Ignore

Are you looking for champion masteries features? Follow the ultimate guide to know about raid shadow legends masteries and their features. The game has an extensive amount of content, which includes raids, dungeons, PvP battles, and more. With a large number of players playing the game, it’s not surprising that there is a large community of players who like to share their strategies.

Champion Mastery also known as Talent Tree can be customized for every champion in Raid Shadow Legends. Shadow legends are a new type of game mode in the raid, where players can choose to be one of two opposing factions. Players must battle it out on the battlegrounds with their own masteries and heroes.

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About Masteries

Before we will discuss shadow legends in the raid, first you must need to know about champion masteries. 

Champion Masteries is a new RPG game that lets players create their own Champions in the world of Runeterra. It features a number of different character classes or tiers, with each one having its own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Players can choose to play as any Champion they want and customize them to their liking.

The main goal of the Champion Masteries is to earn enough points to rank up your account and unlock rewards for playing specific champions that you are interested in playing. A Champion’s Mastery Skill Trees can be activated in one of three ways. For each Champion, these are the same. However, each Champion can only activate a certain number of Masteries.

Possibilities of Maximum Masteries

For each Champion, the player can only activate two Mastery Skill Trees. The 3rd Skill Tree becomes locked and cannot be activated once the 2nd Skill Tree has been opened. Furthermore, each Mastery Skill Tree has six levels, each having a limit on the amount of Masteries that can be engaged.

For each Skill Tree, only one Mastery can be activated at Level 1. In both Skill Trees, a maximum of 3 Masteries can be activated at each level for levels 2 to 5. Two of these must be on one Skill Tree and one on the other. Only one Mastery can be enabled at a time at level 6.

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How To Activate Masteries Trees

By the following process, the player can activate masteries

  • Masteries can be found by using the Champions menu button to navigate to the Champion you want to improve. 
  • The Masteries tab for this Champion is then selected. 
  • This will display how many Masteries Scrolls you have for this Champion, as well as which Masteries can be triggered. 
  • This section will lead you to the Skill Tress if you click inside it. If you have the requisite Masteries Scrolls, you can choose the Masteries you want to activate here.

Raid Shadow Legends Masteries Skill Trees

Following is the ultimate guide of raid shadow legends masteries skill of each tree and their level.

Offense Skill Tree

Offense is a skill tree in Ars Magica 2 that may be found in the Occulus alongside Utility and Defense, as well as Talents, a passive skill tree. It’s utilised for more offensive spells, such as Projectiles, Area of Effects, Beams, or even Waves of various damage types, as the name implies.

Offense Skill Tree
Offense Skill Tree
1Blade DiscipleAttack +75.
1Deadly PrecisionCritical Rate +5%.
2Heart of GloryDamage +5% when HP is full.
2Keen StrikeCritical Damage +10%.
2Shield BreakerDamage +25% to enemies under shield buff.
2Grim ResolveDamage +5% when HP is 50% or less.
3Single OutDamage +8% to enemies with less than 40% HP.
3Life DrinkerHeal 5% of the damage inflicted when attacking with 50% HP or less.
3Whirlwind of DeathSpeed +6 for each enemy killed to a max of +18.
3Ruthless AmbushDamage +8% for the first hit on each enemy.
4Bring it DownDamage +6% against enemies with higher max HP.
4Wrath of the SlainDamage +5% for each dead ally to a max of +10%.
4Cycle of Violence30% to decrease the cooldown of random skill by 1 when the damage was done exceeds 30% of enemy HP.
4OpportunistDamage +12% to enemies with Stun, Sleep, Fear, True Fear or Freeze debuffs.
5MethodicalDamage +2% for default skill each time it is used to a max of +10%.
5Kill StreakDamage +6% in Arena & +3% in other locations for each kill to a max of +12%.
5Blood ShieldShield buff equal to 15% of max HP when enemy killed.
5Stoked to FuryDamage +4% for each debuff active on this Champion to the max of +12%.
6WarmasterBonus damage chance +60% of 10% of enemies max HP or 4% for a boss. Once per skill.
6HelmsmasherChance +50% to ignore 25% of enemy defense.
6Giant SlayerBonus damage chance +30% of 7.5% of enemies max HP or 3% for a boss. Unlimited uses.
6Flawless ExecutionCritical Damage +30%.

Defense Skill Tree

The Jedi Knight’s Guardian advanced class has a talent tree called Defense. This branch focuses on defending teammates and surviving enemy strikes.

Defense Skill Tree
Defense Skill Tree
1Tough SkinDefence +75.
1DefiantResist +10.
2BlastproofDamage from AoE attacks -5%.
2RejuvenationHealing and shield buffs +5%
2Mighty EnduranceDamage -10% of has Stun, Sleep, Fear, True Fear or Freeze debuff
2Improved ParryDamage -8% from critical hits.
3Shadow HealHeal +6% of max HP each time an enemy heals
3ResurgentChance +50% to remove debuff when losing more than 25% max HP from a single attack.
3BloodthirstHeal +10% of max HP when Champions kills an enemy.
3Wisdom of BattleChance +30% to apply block debuff when an active debuff expires.
4SolidarityAlly resist +5 for each buff placed on them by this Champion
4Delay DeathDamage -0.75% for each hit from the same enemy to a max of -6%.
4Harvest DespairChance +60% to place Leech debuff when placing other debuffs.
4StubbornnessResist +10 for each debuff on Champion to the max of +30.
5Selfless DefenderAlly damage -20% from the first hit. This Champion receives damage instead.
5Cycle of RevengeChance +50% to increase turn meter by 15% when ally hit with a critical hit.
5RetributionChance +50% to counterattack when losing more than 25% max HP in one hit.
5DeterrenceChance +20% to counterattack when debuff applied to ally.
6Iron SkinDefence +200.
6BulwarkAlly damage -5%. This Champion receives damage instead.
6Fearsome PresenceChance +5% of placing debuffs from Skills and Artifacts.
6UnshakeableResist +50.

Support Skill Tree

Support Skill Tree
Support Skill Tree
1SteadfastMax HP +810.
1Pinpoint AccuracyAccuracy +10.
2Lay on HandsChampion heal casts +5%.
2ShieldbearerChampion shield casts +5%.
2Exalt in DeathHeal +10% of max HP when the first enemy killed each round.
2Charged FocusAccuracy +20 when no skills on cooldown.
3Healing SaviorHeal and shield casts +10% if target ally max HP below 40%.
3Rapid ResponseChance +30% to increase turn meter by 10% when buff cast expires or is removed.
3Swarm SmiterAccuracy +4 for each enemy alive to the max of +16.
3Arcane CelerityChance +30% to increase turn meter by 10% when debuff cast expires or is removed.
4Merciful AidHeal and shield casts +15% if the target has active debuff.
4Cycle of MagicChance +5% to decrease random skill cooldown by 1 at start of each turn.
4Lore of SteelArtifact set bonus +15% when the bonus is a base stat oost.
4Evil EyeEnemy turn meter -20% when hit by Champion single skill and -5% when hit by AoE skill.
5Lasting GiftsChance +30% to extend the duration of buff casts by 1.
5Spirit HasteSpeed +8 for each dead ally to the max of 24.
5SniperChance +5% to place debuffs from Artifacts and Skills.
5Master HexerChance +30% to extend the duration of debuff casts by 1.
6Elixir of LifeMax HP +3,000
6Timely InterventionTurn meter +20% when ally max HP drops below 25%.
6OppressorTurn meter fill rate +2.5% for each debuff cast to the max of +10%.
6Eagle-EyeAccuracy +50

What is Masteries Cost

Above mention masteries skill trees are activated using Masteries Scrolls. Masteries Scrolls are divided into three categories: basic, advanced, and divine. The cost of activating a Mastery is determined by the degree of the Mastery. The more Mastery Scrolls you need, the higher your level. The cost of activating a Mastery at each level is shown below in this Raid Shadow Legends Masteries Guide:

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LevelScroll Type# Required# Required to Max out Level
1Basic Scroll510
2Basic Scroll3090
3Advanced Scroll80240
4Advanced Scroll120360
5Divine Scroll200600
6Divine Scroll350350

How to Get Shadow Legends Masteries Scrolls for Raids

These Scrolls are found by farming the Minotaur’s Labyrinth Dungeon. The quality of the scrolls you receive grows as you advance deeper into the Dungeon. Following is a complete list of the Dungeon Levels and their associated Masteries Scroll prizes. It’s worth noting that once you’ve accumulated enough Mastery Scrolls to max out a Mastery Level, Champion will only be able to find the following level of Scroll they need.

LevelBasic ScrollAdvanced ScrollDivine Scroll

Requirements For Champion Ranking

Following shadow legends masteries requirement for champion ranking

Skill Tree LevelRank Requirement
11 Star
22 Stars
33 Stars
44 Stars
55 Stars
66 Stars

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answers of all those questions which are frequently asked by gamers or people.

Are Masteries important in Raid: Shadow Legends?

After 6 starring your champions, the masteries you choose for them are the most crucial thing to do. The masteries you choose for your champion can dramatically boost the efficacy of their skills and overall damage.

Who is the strongest legend in Raid: Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends: The Best Legendary Champions, Ranked
5 Bad-el-Kazar: The Dark Undead Warrior.
4 Martyr: Teleria’s Best Defensive Warrior.
3 Nethril: The Undead Warrior.
2 Lyssandra: The Support Warrior.
1 Turvold: The Bladed Barbarian.

How much energy does it take to get all Masteries in raid?

Assuming you’re level 60 and your energy refreshes give you 130 energy, and one energy refresh costs 40 gems, you’ll need 660 gems to accomplish the masteries.

Is Ninja good in Raid: Shadow Legends?

He’s great for Clan Bosses, Dungeon Bosses, and Doom Tower Bosses because he has a good A1 decrease defence, an A2 that can put and activate HP Burn several times, and a hard-hitting A3 that also reduces the Cooldown of A2 (if you can keep him alive). Ninja’s passive introduces a completely new mechanic.

How do you unlock Masteries in raid?

Killing a w1-w4 boss will unlock the Raid Mastery line. You can look for a group doing Siege the Stronghold (the first W3 encounter) to count towards this (you might find it as “w3 escort” in lfg).

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