Games that Pay Real Money

Games that Pay Real Money

For all the passionate gamers out there, if you’re wondering how good it would be to earn money while playing your favourite game, your wish has been granted! While you can find tons of websites or games that claim to reward you with cash, they often leave a bad experience due to their unrealistic requirements to get a reward.

To make your experience the best, we have curated a list of five legit games that will let you earn cash straight to your wallet! These games involve real money prizes upon winning. Follow this post and learn more about games that pay you real money.

Top Five Games that will Let you Earn Real Money

These games are 100% legit and will let you earn money while playing and enjoying them. All games are online earning-based, meaning there is no need to download them to earn money.

Every game enables you to earn money for an unlimited time. You can play these games on for free. Below, we have curated various popular games that you can play them online:

1.     Pool Clash

If you’re a fan of 8 ball, then this game is for you. It is a fun-filled and engaging game that lets you earn money while enjoying it. It gives the full experience of 8 balls. You can enjoy competing with other competitors online, and with each successful win, you land yourself closer to winning grand prizes.

To play it, go to, navigate to the “online games” section and bingo! Start playing and earning real money.

2.     Tile Blitz

More into solving puzzles and creating solutions? Tile Blitz will challenge you to match the right tiles with each other while making you race against time. This game will let you earn as you score and achieve hard-to-achieve levels.

Not only can you elevate your skills, but you also have the fulfilment of earning real money while playing this amazing game. Also available on pocket7games. Make sure to go to their online games section to play it.

Also, follow the game rule for earning cash before playing. You can find them by clicking on the game name on the website.

3.     21 Gold

If you ever played blackjack, then this game will make you addicted to it. Just like in blackjack, you can have the leverage of playing 21 cards at any time and anywhere. This game also enables players to compete with each other with cash. The game has certain milestones and specific guidelines to earn cash prizes.

Make sure to carefully read and understand the rules before playing online. Once you understand the rules, you can win money on the go. This game is also available in the “online games” section. These online games pay you real money.

4.     Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is the flagship game by pocket7games. This game is getting very popular among the players as users are enthralled by the experience of gaming. Bingo game not only gives an outstanding gaming experience but has also become very popular due to the fact this game is social.

So you have all the bonuses by playing bingo cash, whether earning free cash by completing your tasks or enjoying the game but also making new friends on the go. You can easily find it on the pock7games website. Go bingo with the bingo cash!

5.     Match n Flip

Who else can’t like the classic uno card game? This game provides a similar experience to the players, just like uno, which allows you to participate in 1v1 games or engage in multiplayer competition.

The game provides some serious sense of competition where you have to collect points, and your enemy is the ticking clock countdown. The game has various thrilling modes that are just a cherry on the cake. You can take a quick look at the game rules before starting.

6.     Solitaire (Bonus)

A classic queen game of cards! If you’ve grown up playing it on your old PC, you will like this game even more! This game provides a classic and accurate experience, similar to the one we used to play on Windows.

But with a twist, playing it online on pocket7games lets you earn real-time cash while you play your strategic moves. How awesome is that? Bring the nostalgia alive and enjoy the comforting experience of winning cash while you enjoy your win in the game.


Pocket7games is an excellent platform for gamers to utilize their gaming talent and earn money as they win by completing their rules to win. The website has many satisfied reviews by people who are happy with the experience of playing games online on their website.

You can also play and download games like 8 Ball Strike, blockolot, etc., also available on their website. All the games have nice graphics and a settling tone to them.

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