Sword Burst 5e

Sword Burst 5e [SPELL] – All You Need To Know

Sword burst 5e is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Spell. It is a level 2 spell that deals damage in a 15-foot cone. Sword burst is a type of skill that deals damage to enemies in front of the player. It also has a chance to knock down the enemy.

Sword burst is a cantrip that deals 1d6 force damage to one target within the caster’s reach. The spell takes place in an instant and has no range, meaning it can be cast on any creature in the melee range of the caster. It can also be used to attack objects and structures as well as creatures but will deal less damage than if it was used against a creature.

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Casting Time1 Action
Range5 ft
ReferenceSCAG 143

To perform a sword burst, you need to have a sword and shield equipped. You can also use a spear or any other weapon that has the same effect as a shield. When you are fighting an enemy, you should be able to see their health bar on the bottom left of the screen. Once it gets low enough, press your attack button until it reaches its maximum level and then releases it for an instant kill move called sword burst.

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Features Of Sword Burst 5e

The following list is the feature of the 5th edition of sword burst

  • One thing to note about this spell sword burst 5e is that the damage is not slashing and is instead force damage. The benefit of this spell is that it sends forth short-range magical missiles
  • There are many creatures in this spell, or should we say only a few, that have the resistance or tolerance to force damage, making it an excellent alternative for facing unknowns
  • When it comes to the spell’s components, they’re fantastic because it just includes verbal ones, which is something I really like about it.
  • This spell’s users would like to employ it both technically and thematically. You’d like to make an entertaining character out of it.
  • When you cast the spell sword burst, you must make an attack roll, and the range of the spell is doubled. The sword burst cantrip also requires the targets to make dexterity saving throws. The spell sniper does not apply in this case.
  • This spell’s wording is often purposeful.
  • The sword blast demands a constitution saving throw, but the thunderclap requires a constitution saving throw.
  • Sword burst does not do any force damage, although thunderclap does.
  • The sword blast has a verbal component, while the thunderclap solely has a physical component.
  • Sword burst is stopped by a quiet spell, although thunderclap is unaffected in terms of damage with a limit.

Conjuration is the fifth edition school of the sword burst. The sword’s casting time is one action. This spell has a 5-foot range. When it comes to the spell’s components, they are all verbal. The spell sword burst 5e has an immediate duration. DEX is used for both assault and defense. SCAG 143 is the spell’s reference.

You can generate a temporary circle of several ghostly blades that you can sweep about yourself with this spell. When a spell hits a certain level, its damage rises. Similarly, the damage of this spell rises by 1d6 as it reaches levels 5th (2d6), 11th (3d6), and 17th (4d6).

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will try to answers of all those question which are asked by gamers.

Is sword burst 5e good?

In general, I think it’s a decent cantrip. Shockwave: This one doesn’t need much explanation. It’s an AoE spell that protects you from the folks in your immediate vicinity. It’s a great multi-hit cantrip, but it doesn’t help other classes all that much.

What does sword burst Do DND?

You create a temporary swath of spectral blades around yourself. Other than you, any creature within range must make a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d6 force damage. When you reach 5th level (2d6), 11th level (3d6), and 17th level (17d6), the damage of this spell increases by 1d6 (4d6)

What is sword burst?

Sword burst is a fairly simple swordmage spell that is regularly employed by both assault and non-attack swordmages. Sword burst is a basic swordmage spell that can be cast at any moment and rapidly recharges.

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