Why World of Warcraft is a Unique Game in the World of Esports

World of Warcraft started as an MMORPG game, but it has become so much more than that, and it has proven to be one of those games that people get sucked into, spending hours every week playing and watching, or even reading about the WoW universe.

WoW gamers have a reputation for being pretty die-hard, they’re drawn to the fact that this is different from most esports games, providing a quirky alternative in the way of a fantasy realm. Some of the lengths people go to in their World of Warcraft fandom may well stun and impress you, from cosplay to marrying other players.

A Unique Esports Gambling Scene

WoW has a unique esports gambling scene, as the way people bet on the WoW tournaments tends to be a little different from other esports like Valorant or CS2 because the mechanics of the game are not quite the same.

When people are betting on World of Warcraft they will notice there are different markets compared to other esports, due to the way the competitions are played, as rather than directly competing with each other like in Counter-Strike games, the players are competing against the AI in the game. This means that the betting markets often focus on who is going to beat the computer first, rather than who is winning a 1v1 or a battle royale style competition.

The crypto revolution is alive and well among esports gamblers including World of Warcraft gamblers, and some of the biggest esports More and more people are able to bet on League of Legends with Bitcoin at online platforms as crypto gambling sites like Thunderpick offer a range of markets on the big tournaments that take place. The Arena World Championships are the biggest of the competitions that take place in World of Warcraft.

The fact that gambling on WoW tournaments is so popular also helps with more coverage for the game as there are plenty of live streams and statistics published on gambling platforms in preparation for the tournaments. 

A Lore That Stretches Centuries In-Game

The World of Warcraft game isn’t just about the gameplay, it is about the whole world built around that game as Blizzard Entertainment has created a universe surrounding WoW that fantasy writers have been involved in. 

The tales stretch back to the time of gods, 150,000 years ago in the WoW universe, as well as different eras with different species and reigns taking control in this fictional universe. It all started with The Titans and the Shaping of the Universe.

People love these details, a little bit like the way the audience loves the fact Tolkien created a detailed historical universe that explained the story of the history of characters in his books, WoW creates tales behind the characters and races within.

Lots of games are embracing AI for their NPCs and the tales surrounding games, meaning they are generated rather than written by humans, but the real personal connection can be found in the history of WoW which has been really thought about in detail.

WoW Has More Spinoffs than Other Games

With a story this detailed and exciting it is no real surprise that film directors and writers have taken it on and created their own stories within the WoW universe. We’ve seen a film that was directed by Duncan Jones (David Bowie’s son) and plenty of fiction books that cover the different eras in the universe, there are around 30 official books and plenty of fan fiction if you just can’t get enough. WoW is still being updated all the time so don’t be surprised to see more spinoffs crop up in the future.

WoW’s Social Side is Unique

World of Warcraft servers create an amazing social scene as well as just being a way to play the game. People get put together online and this has even led to people meeting in real life and there have even been World of Warcraft romances. No, we’re not talking about in-game romances, some people have met in the game and gone on to start real-life relationships

Even the people who don’t meet in person (it’s often hard when you’re playing with people all over the world) can enjoy the social side of the game. Servers may throw people together randomly but they can end up playing online together all the time and forging alliances and friendships. 


The World of Warcraft universe is intimidating at first glance, as there’s so much going on as well as a fascinating history, but here are thousands or even millions of fanatics who religiously watch the tournaments, read the books, and play the game that started it all in 2004 when it was released by Blizzard Entertainment. The game appears on betting sites and esports tournaments along with CS2, Valorant, Dota 2, and more, but this has its unique charm to it.

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