How To Customize Aloys Armor

How To Customize Aloys Armor And Where To Find Blooms (Ultimate Guide)

Learn how to customize aloys Armor and where to find blooms in horizon forbidden west dyes with this definitive guide. You can give Aloy brand-new hues for her different armor sets by using dyes.

Using dyes to change the colors of Aloy’s armor sets is one of the minor but difficult elements to keep an eye out for. Some colors will work, while others will not, so be cautious and double-check your shade before entirely removing your gear!

About Horizon Forbidden West Dyes

Throughout the game, you’ll accumulate a variety of armor, each of which has its own set of benefits. But it’s not all about utility; style also plays a part. In Horizon Forbidden West, there are plenty of things to do off the crucial path.

One of the newest methods to customize Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West is the option to color armor. As Aloy embarks on her journey into the west, the feature is hinted at early on, but the information is scant for the first several hours of the game. Aloy eventually meets a well-known bow maker who gives him advice on how to start dying armor.

How To Customize Aloys Armor And Where To Find Blooms

Now let’s start to customize aloys armor and find blooms in horizon forbidden west.

Horizon Forbidden West blooms

Here I mention the list of blooms that you can find 

  • Azure bloom
  • Midnight bloom
  • Pale bloom
  • Verdant bloom
  • Crimson bloom
  • Golden bloom

Where You Can Find

  • More than likely, you’ll want to unlock some of your favorites and to do so, you’ll need specific flowers or foraged plants from all over the world. Blooms can be found all over the world blooming on rocky rocks. Climbing on rock faces is a great place to find them, so take a break and collect one on your way up or down.

Aloy will come across blooms everywhere she climbs, and they don’t seem to be limited to any particular place. It implies you’ll always be on the right side of the cliff for the bloom you want. 

However, it can feel as though you’re fighting randomness in your search for the perfect bloom. Return to Plainsong’s dyer and exchange your flowers (along with a little bundle of Metal Shards, the world’s money) for your favorite style.

How To Customize Aloys Armor 

You’ll start collecting dyes early in the game, and you’ll be able to use them to personalize Aloy’s armor after you reach Plainsong. After the game’s extended prologue, you’ll see this huge settlement for the first time. Look for the dyer in Plainsong, a trader who sells many types of Aloy’s armor. 

When collecting armor dyes, players should look for different colored blossoms. These blooms grow on cliffs and another rough terrain. Unlike other blooms, these are designated after colors, making selection a breeze. Players can color as much armor as they desire in no time.

Each armor set has its unique set of dyes, and unlocking one dye for one armor set does not grant access to the same dye for other armor sets. To summarise, unlocking all of Aloy’s armor dyes can take a long time.

How To Customize Aloys Armor
How To Customize Aloys Armor

How to dye armor in Horizon Forbidden West

The ability to dye armor is initially perplexing, as it requires players to visit shops. When players begin “The Daunt” of the west, there is no vendor for dyeing armor. Players must wait to have facepaint and dye patterns painted on them, even if they are given as rewards.

Plainsong is the most accessible Dyer in Horizon Forbidden West and the closest Dyer to The Daunt. After Plainsong, nearly every big settlement will have a Dyer. These merchants will have unlocked patterns for painting on armor, however not every color scheme will be available.

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People Asked Question

In this article I will look at some of the most common questions that are asked by players in Horizon Forbidden West. I will answer the following questions that many people have.

What’s the best way to modify Aloy’s outfit?

Once you’re in the Outfit Satchel, locate the outfit you want to wear and hit X to select and wear it. Aloy will now be dressed in the outfit you selected. Thanks to a prominent check mark on the garment, you can easily see which outfit you now have equipped.

How do I get UltraWeave armor?

To begin, you must travel to a cave among the Devil’s Thirst ancient ruins. You should be able to find a high-tech facility inside the cave once you’ve entered. The Old Ones, according to Aloy, built the institution. You should be able to see the UltraWeave Armor in plain sight once you’re inside.

How do I modify the appearance of my Aloys?

To get to this position in the game, it should take about two to three hours. You can modify the costume in your “Inventory” once you have it. To change Aloy’s appearance, simply press the cross button on the menu.

Is it possible to customize Aloy?

The first step is to gather the blossoms that will be utilised in the dyes. In general, collect all the flowers you see, especially those in difficult-to-reach places like lofty rock ledges (some of them can be picked while climbing).

How do you improve Horizon Forbidden West’s outfit?

In Horizon: Forbidden West, you must complete every Salvage Contract, starting with Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited, to obtain the Oseram Artificer Outfit. Once you’ve accomplished the primary objective, The Embassy, and Keruf has returned to his main camp, these quests become available.

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