Billiards: The Game of Pool

There are various methods to relax in one’s downtime. Some play video games, others watch TV. Some like to go out for a drink with friends, others prefer to stay in with family with a movie and dinner. Whatever your avenue, whether inside or outside, relaxation- particularly after a long day of work, is something necessary for every working man or woman. 

But for discussion’s sake, let’s say you’re the type of person that likes to go out with friends to unwind. Say you’re the fellow that enjoys a stiff drink after a long day or just wants to be around people. Now in this case, you have other avenues to relax. 

There’s a bar or the average recreation center to choose from, with plenty of activities both fun to enjoy and great for discussion. And do you know what places like these tend to have in common? Billiards. You can see more here to know more about it.

What Are Billiards?

Billiards, or perhaps better known by its alternative name, pool, is a recreational game involving a cue (rounded and tapered stick), balls, a table, and holes. It was first introduced to society as early as the 15th century and has been around since then up to the present day. It is a widely popular activityacross the world from North America to Asia, and everywhere in between.And it has even been recognized as an official sport. 

The Setup of The Game

  1. The Composition– Pool is comprised of a table- one that is usually wooden and rectangular- with 6 pocket holes, 16 rounded balls (7 fully colored and numbered, 7 striped and numbered, one black and numbered, and 1 white), cues, a rack,and at least 2 other players.
  1. The Rules– The rules can vary among different places and people, but the game tends to follow these general rules. Two players are assigned 7 balls each, either striped or fully colored. The goal for each player is to use their cue and the white ball to place all 7 of their assigned balls into the pockets across the pool table. 

Once that’s done, the player must then hit the last ball, the black 8, into a pocket, and doing so will finish the game and make them the winner. 

This all must be done without hitting the black 8 ball into a pocket before the others, and without hitting the white ball into one of the pockets either, as doing so will earn you a foul or even a forfeit. To know more about the rules of pool, you can check this link:

  1. The Key to Win– Pool is usually made up of two different traits: skill and luck. To know the rules of the game is one thing, to have the skill and knowledge is a whole other level. 

For instance, there’s planning out your shots, knowing how much pressure and force to put on the ball you’re trying to sink, where to place the strike on the white ball for the best shot, etc. 

There is also the matter of luck, as pool requires that as well,like any other game. There are of course other factors to take in, but these are the main topics to keep in mind when playing.

Where Can You Play?

Free Brown and Red Billiards Tables With Green Lamps Stock Photo

As I stated earlier, billiards is a generally popular game around the world. To find a pool table is as simple as going to your average bar or recreational center that’s nearest to you. In most cases you can find a game as soon as you walk in the door. 

How Can You Get One?

Now let’s say you want a pool table for yourself; something to keep yourself and guests entertained or even just to brush up on your skill. Well once again, you’re in luck, as there are plenty of retail and furnishing stores that have such for sale. Some examples include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Home Depot, and others. 

And if you’re not fond of a drive or strapping the table to the top of your car, there are also websites that not only have pool tables for sale but also deliver them as well. It’s all a matter of personal preference. 


Billiards or pool is the name of the game;the game that requires as much skill, luck, and knowledge as you can bring to the table. Though played in professional sports, it is also a fun and leisurely activity for yourself, friends, and family to enjoy. 

Whether it’s kids or adults, over a drink or for competition, billiards is one of the best ways to have fun and unwind. So, if this article has attracted your interest, consider going to the nearest bar or activity center and playing a game or two. See what all the talk is about for yourself. 

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