How To Find A Small Gift Destiny 2

How To Find A Small Gift Destiny 2 Location [Hidden Secrets]

Destiny 2 has plenty of secrets for players to find. Now here we will filter out how to find a small gift destiny 2. As you that their lot of secrets are hidden in destiny 2 some of them expose there like cat small gift. There are nine cats’ small gifts and here you can learn how to get these small gifts.

The Small Gift is a random drop from a variety of events in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Dreaming City, including Patrols, Lost Sectors, and any of the four-tiered tiers of the Blind Well. It will appear in your inventory as a Blue rarity item that may be dismantled but cannot be interacted with.

What Is A Small Gift Destiny 2

Small Gifts can be given to any of the nine cats In destiny 2. Per week, each character can only receive one Small Gift. It’s worth noting that cat sculptures can only accept a Small Gift once before they vanish forever. To avoid having to go back and forth between cats, keep track of which ones you’ve engaged with.

You’ll need the “Small Gift” consumables, which can be found everywhere across the Dreaming City, to engage with these kitties. Small Gifts are unique trinkets that can be redeemed at one of the Dreaming City’s many cat statues. 

Each cat statue you interact with will reward you with a piece of Dreaming City loot at random. Finding all nine will reward you with the “Remember Your Manners” Triumph as well as a special symbol.

In Destiny 2 How To Get A Small Reward

By following the steps you can get the small gifts

When you finish all of the Dreaming City tasks, you will receive Small Gifts. Because your character can only earn one Small Gift per week, it’s better to focus on the activities you enjoy the most.

The Small Gift is a random drop from a variety of events in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Dreaming City, including Patrols, Lost Sectors, and any of the four-tiered tiers of the Blind Well.

It will appear in your inventory as a Blue rarity item that may be dismantled but cannot be interacted with.

The following activities will get you a Small Gift:

This is where the cats enter the picture. If you give one to a nearby feline in the Dreaming City, they’ll give you a Legendary weapon or piece of armor, however, these little furballs aren’t easy to come by. 

Find Location Of Small Gift In Destiny 2

In Dreaming City, there are nine cats to find. Each cat statue can be found in the following locations.

  • x3: Divalian Mists
  • x4: Rheasilvia
  • x2: The Strand

How To Find A Small Gift Destiny 2 By Location

With that out of the way, here are the locations of all nine cat statues in Destiny 2, as well as a small reward. Here you can view quick information about the cats’ location.

  • Cat 1: Divalian Mists – Located beneath the cliff to the left of the main door leading to the Blind Well, in a cave beneath the cliff.
  • Cat 2: Keres’ Spine – On the third floor of the Oracle room, near the base of a window.
  • Cat 3: Keres’ Spine – Hidden behind a geode wall and some greenery.
  • Rheasilvia (Cat 4) – Located on a cliffside to the left of the entrance when approaching from Divalian Mists.
  • Rheasilvia, Cat 5 – On a branch near the monastery’s entrance.
  • Harbinger’s Seclude (Cat 6) – Near the entrance, on a tree.
  • Harbinger’s Seclude (Cat 7) – On top of a building’s roof, a few rooms away from Cat 6.
  • The Strand (Cat 8) is located on a cliff ledge to the left of the road leading to the Gardens of Esila.
  • Cat 9: Gardens of Esila — On the left side of the region, near where the Ascendant Challenge spawns, next to a tree on top of a rock.

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The spine of Keres – Cat 1 Location

For this first cat, spawn in the Divilian Mists and travel to the Spine of Keres, where The Oracle, a massive observatory, can be found on the map’s northwestern edge. 

Before turning right, enter the observatory and climb to the topmost platform. You’ll find the small boy in front of the big window, peering out at the vista.

Through the hole, hop over this wall. You should land on a little ledge with a view of Keres’ Spine. This area’s cat statue will be hidden behind the greenery.

The spine of Keres – Cat 2 Location

Return to the area where you fought Elikaa in the A Hum of Starlight story mission by exiting The Oracle building and entering the area where you fought Elikaa in the A Hum of Starlight story mission.

If you’re facing the observatory, go through the North West wall crack and follow the series of bridges and ladders until you reach a final, rocky platform.

After passing through the little crevice, look to the left for a fracture in the top of the wall. You’ll see a cat sitting on a platform on the other side if you jump up here.

Divilian Mists – Cat 3 Location

Return to the Divalian Mists spawn place and follow the dirt road north once more. When the trail splits, get off your Sparrow and search the northern cliffside for a series of ledges. Hop from ledge to ledge until you reach a cave’s entrance. A couple of Awoken statues will stand alongside a cat statue at the cave’s conclusion.

In Other Words

Look down at the north-eastern border of the main plains in the Divilian Mists to find a series of platforms that you can descend to eventually find a tiny cave to enter.

Follow the cave network all the way to the end, where you’ll find a cat next to a lit-up building. It’s impossible to miss.

The Strand – Cat 4 Location

From the Divalian Mists spawn place, travel to the Strand. Turn right as soon as you enter the zone and walk towards the Gardens of Esila’s entrance. The stairwell leading to the gardens will be preceded by a modest overlook.

A bunch of trees grew from a cliff to the right of this overlook. Climb this cliff to discover a hidden cat statue behind a tree.

In other Words

Go to the Strand’s South Western section until you enter the large, open door that leads into the Gardens of Esila’s interior. Turn left instead of going through there, where there will be a cliff face.

You’ll be able to ascend another cliff face to the right of that one. You’ll find a tucked snuggly behind the tallest tree coming out of its side if you aim for it.

Rheasilvia – Cat 5 Location

A group of tall, lonely boulders rises from the seemingly bottomless abyss on the western side of Rheasilva. 

There is a well-defined platforming path to follow here, but it is difficult and requires confident use of your Guardian’s hover, jump, and flight abilities.

You’ll eventually come across a level space concealed behind one of the rocks, complete with a statue to distinguish it from the rest. Get to the top of the statue and look for another cat near the statue’s feet.

Rheasilvia – Cat 6 Location

Look for a quiet, gloomy area with a lit tree in the center of Harbinger’s Seclude in Rheasilva’s North East.

Another cat can be found tucked among the tree’s branches, but be warned: it will take some careful platforming to ensure that your Guardian stays on one of the limbs without sliding off.

Gardens Of Esila – Cat 7 Location

The entrance to the Gardens of Esila is located south of the Strand. You should be able to see two sets of rock formations on the left side of the walkway after climbing up some stairs and defeating a small pack of Hive. 

Climb to the top of the zone’s second rock formation. A cat statue sits beside a tree at the top of the structure.

Harbinger’s Seclude – Cat 8 Location

In Harbinger’s Seclude, continue down the first hallway to a cavern with a massive building and a statue. Hug the right wall as soon as you enter the cavern and follow it until you reach the building. 

To get to the roof, climb up the pile of rocks next to the building. A cat statue stands on the edge of the roof, peering down into the cavern.

An Other

Enter Harbinger’s Seclude from Rheasilvia by going straight into the building to the north of the region. A descending staircase and a passageway to your right should be found past the first statue. Follow this corridor until you reach a room with a lone tree in the center. A cat statue stands on one of the tree’s limbs.

Rheasilvia – Cat 9 Location

For this final cat, go farther inside Harbinger’s Seclude, all the way to the end of the halls, and you’ll see a massive archway on the right.

You’ll need to climb up there, which you may achieve by scaling the section on the northeast corner where it meets the wall.

Following the arch all the way around until you come across a cat on the opposite side, turn around.

That's the end of it! These are all of the hidden secrets cat locations we've discovered so far, but please let us know if we've missed any. They're worthwhile purchases because it's one of the simplest ways to obtain Legendary Gear in Destiny 2: Forsaken, levelling up your Guardian in time for the highly-anticipated Last Wish raid.

A Small Gift Smells Faintly Of Mint

There are an unknown number of these statues scattered throughout the Dreaming City, as they are particularly well hidden. They’ve been discovered in caves, on top of buildings, and in obscure corners of the map. The cats are sitting and quite small, but they have glowing purple eyes that help them stand out.

The Dreaming City is an unlockable end-game area that is a mysterious place. If you don’t have access, we have an article specifically about how to unlock the Dreaming City.

To get your loot, you must have the item ‘a small gift’ (its description states that it smells faintly of mint) in your inventory. If you approach the cat and a message appears saying “You lack something,” it means you don’t have it and should go get one – these cats are very picky. 

The item drops when you participate in Dreaming City activities, so keep participating in public events and it should drop eventually.

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Destiny 2 A Small Gift Dismantle

You should dismantle Exotic items when you are finished with them, don’t like them, have a better Exotic item than the previous one, or need more upgrade materials for other pieces of gear.

There are cat statues all over Washington, DC. You get a weapon if you give them the gift.

In Destiny 2, what do you do with dismantled weapons?

These items, as well as Glimmer, can be used to improve your Gear and Weapons. When you fully optimize your Gear, you can slot more mods and take advantage of the benefits they provide. The special mods associated with each element of the gear can also be determined by the element of the gear.

Is it possible to dismantle items in the destiny item manager?

You don’t have any space issues at first. Simply use the Destiny Item Manager (DIM) web page or app to maximize your gear and store the rest in the Vault. You can continue doing this until you have around 300 items in the vault. – All weapons and armor below blue can be safely dismantled.

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Destiny 2 Small Gift Drop Rate

In this section, you will find the drop rates of small rewards like weapons. The Wellspring activity’s weapons rotate on a daily basis, requiring players to farm for their desired weapon on specific days. 

Some Wellspring runs may result in players receiving an armor piece rather than a weapon. Bungie stated that the patch will increase weapon drop rates in Wellspring and give players bad-luck protection—which increases the chances of getting weapons to drop—for both regular weapons and their Deepsight Resonant versions, which are required for crafting—for both regular weapons and their Deepsight Resonant versions.

According to Bungie, Ascendant Alloy will drop at a higher rate in high-difficulty level activities. “You will have a higher chance of receiving an Ascendant Alloy not only because of the difficulty tier of the activity but also because of your Plat/Gold/Silver completion level,” Blackburn added.

 Even after the weekly reset, players are unable to obtain another Ascendant Alloy from Master Rahool, but Bungie says it is looking into the issue.

A Small Gift Destiny 2 Emblem

The appearance of cat sculptures is one of the Dreaming City’s many secrets. If you have a Small Gift, you can engage with these cats to receive a random piece of Dreaming City gear. Finding all nine of these statues will reward you with a one-of-a-kind emblem. 

Here is a detailed guide to Small Gifts and cat sculptures in Destiny 2 for those hunting the emblem or completionists.

People Also Ask

In this section, we will answers of those questions which are frequently asked about a small gift destiny 2 gamers.

In Destiny 2, what does a small gift do?

What Do You Mean When You Say “Small Gifts”? Small Gifts are unique trinkets that can be redeemed at one of the Dreaming City’s many cat statues. Each cat statue you interact with will reward you with a piece of Dreaming City loot at random. Finding all nine will reward you with the “Remember Your Manners” Triumph as well as a special symbol.

What is the best way to farm small Rewards in Destiny 2?

Complete any of the activities in the Dreaming City to receive a Small Gift. Ascendant Challenges, Patrols, Lost Sector Completions, Blind Well Completions, and any Public Event fall under this category.

Is the Dreaming City on the verge of being vaulted?

The campaign for Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion will begin on February 22, 2022, at the start of Year 5. The Tangled Shore destination, as well as select Year 4 seasonal content, such as the Presage and Harbinger Exotic objectives, will be vaulted alongside Forsaken. The Dreaming City, on the other hand, will remain open.

In Destiny 2, how do you send gifts?

Up almost all cases, handing in such cookies is a simple task. Simply interact with the vendor to deliver it and receive a gift, which may contain Dawning weapons or stuff. Players can also use Dawning Spirit in 2021 to focus their gifts into specific rewards if they achieve the requirements.

In Dream City, how do you track a cat?

The first cat can be found in the Spine of Keres, behind the Oracle temple. Begin at the Divalian Mists and proceed straight ahead, passing through the blue crystal cave on the left. Cross the holes in the track and hug the left side of the first arena to find a pathway leading up the wall of the area.

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