Trust + LLC in Nevis: Best Asset Protection Solution

If you are looking for an asset protection paradise, you will hardly find a better place than Nevis. The time-proven legal framework gives wealthy people an opportunity to enjoy enhanced confidentiality, keep their assets in a stronghold immune to external court decisions, creditors, or ex-spouses, and take advantage of a beneficial tax regime. The well-developed banking sector of Nevis will help your business function and ensure that your money is kept in a safe place.

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You can book an individual session with our experts to get advice on asset protection, tax optimization, or setting up an international company. We render some services for free, like selecting the most suitable jurisdiction and bank to match your needs. We also have turnkey packages that allow busy people to get a trust, a company, or a bank account without much hassle – in most cases, without even leaving the comfort of their homes. Don’t miss a chance to put everything in order with the help of professionals!

Why Keep Assets Abroad?

Wealthy people know very well that local regulations can be a chokehold for their assets, and they are always on the lookout for better ways to avoid this.

Setting up a trust in the homeland will not solve the problem of asset protection as you still remain the legal trust owner according to the documents. As a result, the assets kept in your trust may be taken away just like any other possessions – and then there is no sense in this structure.

A trust in Nevis is absolutely different. There is no public evidence which shows that you are in any way related to the trust or that the assets kept in it belong to you! It means that even if there is a court decision that orders to seize ALL of your assets, those kept in a Nevis trust will remain intact as they are not formally connected with you.

How is it legally possible? Let’s look at the trust formation basics to understand.

Nevis Trust: Fundamentals

A trust is founded by a person called the settlor.

The settlor appoints a trustee who will be considered the owner of assets according to the documents and who will manage the assets according to the settlor’s instructions (invest or distribute them, and so on). A trustee is a legal entity (or an individual in rare cases) that often acts as a professional trustee for multiple trusts.

The settlor issues a document called the trust deed which expressly specifies the trustee’s powers and gives instructions on how the assets should be managed. It also appoints the beneficiaries of the trust (these may include the settlor or any other persons) and specifies in what way they benefit from the trust assets.

Sometimes, there is one more player here: a trust protector. This is not a mandatory position; however, many wealthy people want to have additional control over the trustee. The trust protector’s authority is described in the trust deed, and it may vary from supervision (and maybe reporting to the settlor) to the possibility to dismiss the trustee and hire another one.

This is a time-proven structure that works perfectly well, and you may rest assured that your wealth will be protected in the most reliable way possible.

You can reach our experts using the above link to share doubts or ask questions about the Nevis trust.

Nevis Limited Liability Companies

A Nevis LLC and a Nevis trust form a powerful duo that your creditors will never seize.

The best thing about the legal system in Nevis is the fact that local courts do not recognize the decisions of foreign ones. If a creditor wins a case against you in your home country or in any other jurisdiction, he will have to start the proceedings all over again in Nevis. Most opponents abandon the idea at this stage. Those who remain undeterred will have to pay a bond of USD 100,000 to merely start the case, and this amount is not paid back if they lose. And the chance of winning is very low as the law in Nevis is on the customer’s side – that is, it will protect you as the trust and/or LLC owner. As you see, there is hardly anyone who will break through to your assets.

A Nevis LLC has some other advantages:

  • You can get a fully-operational company within only one week if all your documents are in order (and our specialists will thoroughly check them)
  • The banking sector in Nevis is a well-developed industry that will provide good support for your business. We will help you select a reputable bank that renders an extensive range of services and ensures seamless transfers across the globe
  • Some countries (like the US) impose restrictions on certain types of investments – like those made in cryptocurrencies. However, a Nevis LLC is an opportunity to have access to virtually any investment opportunity in the world.
  • Nevis is a low-tax jurisdiction, and some taxes are simply non-existent. In short, you will feel relieved in most cases if the tax burden in your country is quite high.

You can take care of your business by setting up an LLC, protect your assets by putting them in a trust, and you can add a third component here: a bank account in Nevis that we also highly recommend.

Want to make all possible preparations for Plan B to be realized if the situation in your country of residence turns for the worse? You can also obtain citizenship by investment in Nevis for the whole family and have a safe haven to relocate as soon as you need.

Follow the above link to discover Nevis in greater detail – or reach our specialists and discuss any opportunities that seemed interesting to you. If asset protection is your priority, you will not find a better option than a trust in Nevis. And if you are an entrepreneur, consider a Nevis LLC as a fast way to international business in a low-tax jurisdiction with business-friendly laws.

Discover Nevis – a real haven for your wealth!

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