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Superior Protection with Trained German Shepherds for Sale

A well-trained protection dog can prevent a large number of burglaries and home invasions. Wayne Curry and his team at Kraftwerk K9 specialize in providing lovable security with world-class training.

German Shepherds are active dogs that need daily exercise, both physical (like jogging) and mental (training sessions). If not adequately exercised, they can become anxious and develop unwanted behaviors. Here are trained German Shepherds for sale.

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German Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs that love to work and have a strong sense of purpose. They’re courageous and confident, but also very calm family dogs when raised in a family setting.

They are innately suspicious of strangers, and have a natural tendency to be protective of those they love. That makes them a natural choice for a service dog, sniffing out drugs and bombs or guiding the blind.

However, many German Shepherd owners see this natural behavior as a problem – lunging at the mailman or barking at a car. This is often because of inconsistent training. Your dog needs to learn that he’s safe when he’s around people or things he doesn’t know. That’s why it’s important to train consistently and with the same methods every time. Then you can reinforce his good behavior and correct the bad behaviors without him becoming confused or frustrated. You can help your German Shepherd avoid confusion by limiting his training sessions to 10 minutes at first.

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German shepherds excel as service dogs in many areas. They’re often used in search-and-rescue missions, bomb and drug detection, military roles, and assisting the blind and visually impaired. Their obedience, strength, intelligence, and trainability make them an ideal working dog.

These large dogs have high energy levels and need daily exercise, including walking, sniffing games, and training. At Full Contact K-9, we offer basic through advanced training that’s tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

A reputable breed rescue can connect you with an adult German Shepherd who has been thoroughly vetted and screened for temperament. This is important, particularly if you have young children, since German Shepherds may be aloof toward strangers and have protective/territorial instincts. However, a well-trained GSD will be calm around kids and able to respond quickly to their commands. This type of dog can also be a good choice if you can’t have your own puppy due to work or family obligations.


German Shepherds are one of the most highly regarded and versatile dog breeds in the world. They’re often used as police dogs, working dogs in the military, and service animals for people with disabilities. Their intelligence and loyalty make them the ideal family companions, too.

Many German shepherds are prone to chewing everything they can get their teeth on, which can be annoying for their owners and damaging for furniture, clothing, and electronics. If your German Shepherd chews excessively and isn’t getting enough positive attention, they may be stressed or anxious. Try clapping their hands or whistling to distract them before they destroy something.

Other times, your German Shepherd may bark or lunge at strangers and other dogs because they’re naturally protective. If this is a problem, work with a professional to socialize your dog. But don’t punish them if they react to other people or animals. Lunging and barking at a moving car or person is a normal, natural behavior that can be helped with training but not cured.


German shepherds are incredibly strong and can be taught to follow commands with no hesitation. This makes them great service dogs, particularly for people who need physical assistance. They also make excellent herding and tracking dogs.

They’re also excellent sniffing dogs and make wonderful allergy-alert service dogs. These dogs can be trained to sense when their owner has an epileptic seizure coming and will stay with them during the attack or even bring medication or a phone to help them through the episode.

While these dogs do very well with obedience training, they need to be challenged mentally as much as they need physical exercise. Daily dog sports like agility, treibball, flyball or hoopers with positive reinforcement are a fantastic way to keep a German Shepherd’s mind active and happy. At Full Contact K-9, we offer basic, advanced and protection training for dogs of all ages in Atlanta. Contact us today to get started!

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