Smell-Proof Bags

Safeguarding Medications With Smell-Proof Bags

While the vast majority of prescription medications are safe when taken as directed, they can be dangerous when abused. Often, powerful prescription medications such as opioid painkillers and benzodiazepines fall into the wrong hands.

Whether the medicines are your own or those of a family member, they should be stored securely. Care providers should have robust processes for recording medicines-related safeguarding incidents in line with their policies and procedures. Visit for Smell proof bags.

Child Resistant Bags

The child-resistant bags can be used to keep your medication or any other product that has a potential for toxicity out of the reach of children. They are made of a strong material and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Some are even opaque so that only you can see what is inside the bag.

The bags are tested to ensure that children between 42 and 51 months cannot open them. They are filled with water to make sure that the test is accurate. The tests are also conducted on adults between the ages of fifty and seventy years.

The bags feature a locking zipper mechanism that is pressed to close and thick food-grade plastic. They are perfect for storing and transporting medicines, herbal supplements, concentrates, and other products that require special care. The durable construction also makes the bags great for protecting against tampering and moisture. They are fully compliant with Colorado MED and ASTM D3475-13 standards.

Tamper-Resistant Bags

A tamper-evident bag leaves an irreversible sign if it has been tampered with, providing evidence that a package has been compromised. This helps prevent the loss of valuable products or confidential information and ensures that your clients receive their items undamaged.

Tamper-evident bags are ideal for banks, credit unions, and financial businesses to protect hard disks, ATM cash withdrawals, and transfers of money or other valuables. They are also useful in the medical industry to prevent diversion of medications or other supplies.

The press & seal zipper on these bags creates an airtight barrier that can help preserve odor-free medicines and other supplies. Some of these bags include thermochromic ink that turns red when exposed to heat, which is ideal for indicating tampering. They also feature a self-sealing adhesive closure that’s easy to use. Some of these security bags come with a “VOID” message that appears if the seal is broken, allowing for easy documentation and traceability.

Odor-Resistant Bags

Odor-resistant bags offer a layer of material that traps and absorbs odor molecules, keeping them inside the bag. These materials typically include activated carbon, which is a common ingredient in air purifiers and air conditioning filters to help reduce bacteria, as well as polymer-based substances that can block odors and create an airtight seal.

These bags are commonly used to protect medicinal marijuana, but can also be a good choice for storing items such as herbs, spices, coffee, tea, and protein powder drinks. They can even be used as a carry case for your favorite grinder.

These odor-proof bags feature a zipper lock closure and are made from a thick, durable canvas fabric that keeps the contents safe from UV light and is designed to hold heavy weights. These bags are great for storing medicines and other valuables that require the highest level of security. They have an interior divider and dual inner divider mesh pockets for better organization of contents.

Smell-Free Bags

As a growing trend, odor-proof bags have become in demand for their ability to keep items private and discreet. The bags are designed with advanced features that include child-resistant, tamper-resistant and light-proof properties to protect the contents.

Unlike ordinary sandwich bags that use a thin Polyethylene plastic, smell-proof pouches are made with high-grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE), which provides an excellent air and moisture barrier. This prevents the contents from losing their freshness, potency and water weight.

Additionally, the odor-proof bag includes layers of activated carbon felt that have microscopic pores to trap and neutralize odor molecules and prevent them from escaping the bag. The charcoal layer can be recharged with heat from a hair dryer to increase the number of times a bag can be reused. This is an important feature for cannabis and other odorous materials that can easily spoil. The bags are also available in a wide range of sizes for various products.

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