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If you have never played the popular Gameboy ROM game, Pokemon Green, you’re in for a treat. Pokemon Green Rom is for Playstation (PSX/PS1 ISOs) Emulator. if you enjoy Role Playing Game so Pokemon Green would be a good game for you! This emulator version allows you to play the original Japanese game on your computer and has been available for download for years. This Gameboy ROM comes in the English (USA) version and offers the best quality and playability. 

To play the game, you need to download a Gameboy Advance emulator. Once you’ve installed the emulator, simply open up the emulator and plug in your GBA ROM. You’re ready to go! Once you’ve downloaded the ROM, you can begin playing Pokemon Green. If you’re not sure which one to download, you can try downloading several GBA ROMs and finding the one that works for you.

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About Pokemon Green Game

Pokemon Green is a well-liked and well-received game among Gameboy players, who gave it a 4.1 rating. This game was released in the United States and quickly gained popularity in the Role Playing genre. For many of us, Pokemon Green has become a childhood favourite, and it, like many other Gameboy games, brings back carefree memories of late-night gaming sessions. 

File Name:Pokemon Green (U) [p1][!].zip
Genre:Role Playing
Year of release:1996

Even though you can get Pokemon Green for free online, as well as a Gameboy emulator and game for your PC or mobile device, these can be purchased for a reasonable price on Amazon or other online stores to get the full Gameboy experience, such as holding the console or joystick in your hands and playing with friends or family.

Game Play 

This game is based on the anime series Pokemon, which we all grew up watching on television. An eight-year-old child is about to embark on his quest to become a Pokemon Champion. Professor Oak gives him Pokemon and introduces him to his grandson before he embarks on his journey. 

The player will run against Team Rocket several times on the Pallet town trip to the Pokemon championship. The Kanto Region serves as the game’s backdrop. In order to become the Pokemon Champion, the player must gather eight Gym Badges. At the same time, the player must gather 151 Pokemons to complete the Pokedex. Pokemons can be traded between players using the Game Boy Game Link Cable.


Following are:

  • Gyms : While on the journey, the player will have to defeat eight gym leaders and receive badges to become a world champion. 
  • Elite Four : After defeating the eight gym leaders, Players will battle with Elite Four, who are most influential. 
  • Pokemons : A total of 151 Pokemons is available in this game. However, not all Pokemons are open to the player, and for that, there must be trade to complete the Pokedex.

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GBA Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats – Complete List

Unlimited Rare Candy

  • Cheat Code: 82025840 0044

All the 8 Badges

Cheat Code:

  • EFCE867D
  • 5403D40D

No Random Battle

Cheat Code:

  • A202166EFF00
  • 820255AC0000

Unlimited Master Ball

  • Cheat Code: 82025840 0001

Change Nature

  • Cheat Code: AA3BB0ED 41CD5D95 + Nature Id

Ex (Relaxed):

  • AA3BB0ED 41CD5D95
  • 34027F23 7E7E1599

Nature Ids:

  • D0E34D66 5796A7D3 = Hardy
  • D73BC50A 5F47AA0E = Lonely
  • E485844D 2F24038C = Brave
  • 5EB8DEEE 692ED298 = Adamant
  • 83286B46 6479AA98 = Naughty
  • 35EB915F 08F33974 = Bold
  • A58F6F1B BFB13FEF = Docile
  • 34027F23 7E7E1599 = Relaxed
  • CDA2AB99 F89D5BB9 = Impish
  • D593BF29 E18AAAE5 = Lax
  • 1BC372C9 06B4D17F = Timid
  • D4950A99 D729D80A = Hasty
  • 93F04759 F95753D9 = Serious
  • E9EC2CBF A7EDD4A7 = Jolly
  • 56F744B0 37E16732 = Naive
  • E1EB2109 4480C28D = Modest
  • A2461E51 304137B6 = Mild
  • 0456554B 66D3AAF9 = Quiet
  • B05B4CCD A0A1505B = Bashful
  • 909149AB 2DE8726A = Rash
  • 31F62F82 D9A0C100 = Calm
  • 9A41D845 41B93FE6 = Gentle
  • D47DA721 6C3B9FFC = Sassy
  • 1A15BF1E E72650E4 = Careful
  • 5A7B2626 21ECD183 = Quirky

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Shiny Pokemon Encounter

Cheat Code:

  • A74320F4 175B5B22
  • 18452A7D DDE55BCC
  • 7FE56658 F483AC73
  • F8B8373C BAB2B56F

Steal Other’s Pokemon

(use the cheat > L+R > Pokeball)

Cheat Code:

  • 4D83B1BF E0F5F507
  • 8E883EFF 92E9660D
  • B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
  • 90B4977C C0151DC2

Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats GBA – Infinite Money

Master Codes:

  • 00000554000A
  • 101DC9B00007
  • 830050000000
  • 830050020000

x999,999 Money:

  • 2025838104E
  • 8202583AE971

Walk Through Walls

Cheat Code:

  • 509197D3 542975F4
  • 78DA95DF 44018CB4

Legendary Pokemon Encounter Modifier

Master Code:

  • 0000BE99000A
  • 1003DAE60007
  • Cheat Code: 83007CEE + Legendary Pokemon Id
  • Ex (Rayquaza): 83007CEE 0196

Legendary Pokemon Ids:

  • 0090 = Articuno
  • 0091 = Zapdos
  • 0092  = Moltres
  • 0093 = Dratini
  • 0094 = Dragonair
  • 0095 = Dragonite
  • 0096 = Mewtwo
  • 0097 = Mew
  • 0199 = Jirachi
  • 0191 = Regirock
  • 0192 = Regice
  • 0193 = Registeel
  • 0195 = Groudon
  • 0196 = Rayquaza
  • 019A = Deoxys
  • 00F4 = Entei
  • 00F9 =  Lugia
  • 00FA = Ho-oh

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Legendary Pokemon Teleport Locations

  • Mt. Ember (Moltres) = 23ADAABA A9000BEB
  • Seafoam Islands (Articuno)= BC4AFF82 6C4609A2
  • Power Plant (Zapdos) = EA5BB107 05E634BB
  • One Island (Mewtwo) = A6A339F5 FC0ADC79 (Requires to fix the machine & to enter Unknown dungeon)
  • Navel Rock (Ho-Oh and Lugia) = 82031DBC 2402
  • Birth Island (Deoxys) = 554D9257 D0472EF8

Pokemon Green ROM Hacks Wild Encounter Modifier

Master Code:

  • 0000BE99000A
  • 1003DAE60007
  • Cheat Code: 83007CEE + Pokemon Id
  • Ex (Bulbasaur): 83007CEE 0001

Pokemon Ids:

  • 0001 = Bulbasaur
  • 0002 = Ivysaur
  • 0003 = Venusaur
  • 0004 = Charmander
  • 0005 = Charmeleon
  • 0006 = Charizard
  • 0007 = Squirtle
  • 0008 = Wartortle
  • 0009 = Blastoise
  • 000A = Caterpie
  • 000B = Metapod
  • 000C = Butterfree
  • 000D = Weedle

How to install Pokemon Leaf Green GBA Cheats using Visual Boy Emulator

following are the steps to use Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats GBA ROM with Visual Boy Emulator:

  1. Open the VBA emulator
  2. Select File > Open and choose the Pokemon Leaf Green ROM
  3. When the game starts, select Cheats > Cheat list from the VBA menu
  4. Select Gameshark
  5. Enter a code and select OK, then repeat steps 4 and 5 to enter all the codes you want
  6. Select OK again to resume the game with cheats enabled

How to install Pokemon Leaf Green GBA Cheats using My Boy Emulator

Following are the steps to use Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats GBA ROM with My Boy Emulator:

  1. Launch the My Boy app and load your Pokémon Leaf Green ROM
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen to open the My Boy menu
  3. Tap Cheats
  4. New Cheat
  5. Tap Cheat name and enter a description of the cheat
  6. Tap Cheat code, enter the code, then tap OK
  7. Three dots in the top-right corner of the screen, then tap Save
  8. Tap the back button on your device to resume the game with cheats enabled

How to Trade Pokemon in Pokemon Leaf Green GBA Cheats

  • In the My Boy Emulator, open Pokémon Leaf Green and hit the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Select Link Local from the menu.
  • Select a different game.
  • Choose the game with which you want to swap.
  • When the new game begins to load, hit the menu icon once more, then select Switch game.
  • To resume your game, select Pokémon Leaf Green.
  • You can now go to a Pokémon Center to start trade and then return to the other game to finish it.

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Gamers Also Ask

In this section, you will find answers of those questions which are frequently asked by gamers.

Is there such a thing as a Pokémon Green?

Pokemon Green was exclusively available in Japan, while Red and Blue were released worldwide. This is due to the fact that Red and Blue’s graphics had been upgraded, and they determined that releasing Green alongside Red/Blue would be redundant (they are all basically the same game).

Leaf Green is using which emulator?

Gameboy Advance (GBA) Emulator is required to play Pokemon Leaf Green Version (V1. 1) Rom. If you like Adventure and Role Playing Games, then Pokemon Leaf Green Version is for you.

Is there a version of Pokémon Green in English?

It turns out that Pokémon Red and Green were never released outside of Japan since the original versions of the game had a number of issues that were addressed in Pokémon Blue.

Is Pokemon exclusively green in Japan?

Pokemon Green was a Japan-only game with some variations from the Red and Blue games that most people are familiar with. We’ve compiled a list of them here. People in the West recall Pokemon Red & Blue, the first game in the series, which was released on the Game Boy. Those games, however, were not the series’ first two instalments.

I’m looking for a place to play Pokemon Leaf Green.

Play Emulator allows you to play Pokemon Leaf Green, a Gameboy Advance game. This GBA game is the US English version, which can be played in any current web browser without having to download anything. Pokemon Leaf Green is one of the many Pokemon, RPG, and Adventure games available on this site.

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