What is Lolimon? Things You Should Know

Lolimon is a Touhou/Pokémon combination that isn’t overly difficult game. It’s essentially a parasitic copied with certain loosely-based Pokémon traits that are meant to resemble several Mormons. So if you’ve ever played a parasitic Pokémon, Lolimon doth be lumpified.

Each Lolimon species has only one member, and fighting isn’t required to catch the Lolimon (although they can help weaken them). They will drop the Legendary Key once they have been defeated. 

Gensokyo is the setting for the series, with distinct areas representing different regions. The Seiga Caverns, the West Woods, the Iwatodai Hongan Ji Temple Grounds (Yukari’s temple), and Castle Hirasaka are all included in the story. If you are interested to play game Kingdom Builder is the best game to play for you.

Lolimon List

LolimonSub-regionMinimum Ball RequiredType
WriggleMisty LakePokéballBug Type
RumiaMisty LakePokéballDark Type
DaiyouseiMisty LakePokéballFairy/Grass Type
CirnoMisty LakePokéballIce/Fairy Type
Lily WhiteBamboo ForestPokéballFairy Type
Lily BlackBamboo ForestPokéballFairy Type
MedicineBamboo ForestPokéball/Great BallPoison Type
MystiaBamboo ForestPokéballFlying/Dark Type
Tei/TewiEienteiPokéballNormal Type
ReisenEienteiUltra BallNormal/Psychic Type

Types Of Lolimon

BlackAgumon’s feral nature was represented by the Lolimon. Lolimon, like Pokémon, has Types that determine their strengths and weaknesses. Type-based ability sets from the Digimon series and Japanese myths were used to create the distinct Types.

Lolimon can have one or two Types, each of which has its own set of powers, attacks, and characteristics. There are 18 distinct types in total. Nitori is a Water-Type with water-based skills, but she also constructs machines, making her an Electric-Type.

  • Bug
  • Dark
  • Dragon
  • Electric
  • Fairy
  • Fighting
  • Fire
  • Flying
  • Ghos
  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Ice
  • Normal
  • Poison
  • Psychic
  • Rock
  • Steel
  • Water

Training and fights

Here we try to explain some training and fights points which you need to know by playing the game. Let’s start

  1. Lolimon can be trained to become stronger, just like Pokémon, and can fight “Wild” Lolimon. The player is in charge; Lolimon will only fight if the player commands him to.
  2. The Lolimon are frequently trained in Eientei, where Earth Rabbit Lolimon are used to simulate conflicts. In addition, the player can fight against Wild Lolimon and Golden Lolimon in a genuine battle.
  3. There are an unlimited number of Earth Rabbits, and none of them can be captured except Tei. Lolimon gains strength through training, giving them a better chance in proper combat.
  4. If a Lolimon is desired to be captured but appears to be too powerful, summoning an already captured Lolimon to combat it is a smart option because it would weaken the Lolimon. 
  5. The player should ensure that he or she has a thorough understanding of the monsters, as training frequently necessitates avoiding weaklings.
  6. The enemy Lolimon weakens as it receives more harm, making it easier to catch. Even at MAX’s weakness, the Lolimon still requires the catch of its minimal ball. Furthermore, it frequently withstands the damage it is subjected to.
  7. The “Strength” of a monster is one of the most important aspects of catching it. The combat is normally turn-based, but if a Lolimon is shocked, periods of sleep, or faints, his or her antagonist gets another turn. Keep in mind that if your opponent uses it, your Attack and Defense will lose 1 point per turn.
  8. The Lolimon will be unstunned or awakened if they are trapped by a ball weaker than themselves, allowing them to flee. A Lolimon can be revived at Eientei if it faints in battle.
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How To Play

On Android, how do you play Pokemon RPG Maker?

  • Both apks should be downloaded and installed. The first is the Joiplay software itself, and the second is the RPGMaker plugin.
  • Launch the Joiplay application.
  • To add a game, click the Add Game icon.
  • Select the.exe from the unzipped Reborn folder on your phone after entering the name and version number.
  • Select Add from the drop-down menu. Play Reborn by clicking on the icon.
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Is Pokemon Phoenix Rising also finished?

No, Phoenix Rising isn’t dead, but we can’t say when Episode 2 will be released. We hope the Phoenix will rise again, but nothing is certain; any Pokémon games with the word Phoenix in the title will strive to keep things going. We are, nevertheless, convinced that it will be revealed. within the next 30 years. Ep. 2 has been in development for 84 years, and all we’ve gotten so far is an announcement from this man named Mattress.

Can Android Play RPG Maker XP games?

 You’ll need an Android phone with the most recent operating system. This is because outdated operating systems may be unable to run the emulator and games. 2. You can make games for a PC or Android device with RPG Maker XP. The next step is to download the JoiPlay software, which will be used to play these RPG Maker games.

Best Pokémon ROM Secrets

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  • Pokémon Dark Rising.
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People Asked Question

In this article I will look at some of the most common questions that are asked by players in Pokémon Lolimon . I will answer the following questions that many people have.

Is Phoenix Rising good Pokémon?

So far, the game has proven to be really reliable. It feels like a legitimate Gen 6 game, as though it was rushed out after Black and White, and they even took the effort to create new sprites for existing Pokémon. My overall impression of the game is quite favourable.

Are ROM hacks illegal?

Pokémon Prism is unique in that it is a “ROM hack,” which means it isn’t a complete game. With the exception of mods that have added other IP holders’ content into games without their authorization, legal action against such mods has been rare in the United States.

Can you play Pokemon uranium on Android?

If you want to play the Pokemon Uranium game on your phone, you must first download it. You’ll need to use a remotr streamer for this, which will allow you to stream the game from your desktop or laptop to your phone.

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