King's Raid Tier List

King’s Raid Tier List Update – Best Playable Characters

When playing the online game King’s Raid, determining which heroes are the best may be a difficult task. A King’s Raid Tier List has been created to make the process easier for you. The list includes the best and worst heroes based on general PvE and PvP content. Here are the best Saints for King’s Raid:

These heroes rank from the best to the worst in terms of PVP and PVE. You can swap them out easily or sell them for more currency. The following Tier List of King’s Raid is a quick reference for players looking to maximize their game experience and level up. These heroes are the best in terms of PvP and PvE. However, they are not as good as other characters in the game, so be careful when choosing them!

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King’s Raid Tier List Latest Update [Which Is Best]

There are many game modes and so many heroes to choose from. While the game has many tier lists, they’re not meant to be ranked by rank. Instead, the tier list should be used for strategy and to decide who’s the best. You can select one hero that is strong in one area and the other in another. The game’s PvE and PvP modes are not the same. They require different strategies and different characters. It’s best to start with a hero that you’ve played a lot of time with.

Aside from the tier list, you can also find information on the best heroes for a certain match. The top hero for a particular match is determined by the hero’s overall score. If you’re a novice or a veteran, it’s important to choose the right one based on the difficulty level. But, if you’re not sure which hero is the best for a particular situation, you can look at the tiers of other characters.

While the King’s RPG is a great way to get in-game gold, it’s also important to choose the right character for your team. Each of these characters has different strengths and weaknesses. If you’re unsure about which character to buy, the best way to determine which one to upgrade is to check the tier list and compare the strengths and weaknesses of each character. It’s crucial to use the right hero for the specific situation.

Following are the complete list of King’s Raid PvE and PvP all Tier List

King’s Raid S Tier List 

LomanTank, Support, Healer
ScarletDPS, Cleanser, Dispeller
RequinaDPS, Blocker
MiruruDebuffer, AoE DPS
PavelAoE DPS, Status Attack
OpheliaBurst DPS, Support
RephyCleanser, Healer
LeoSupport, Dispeller

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King’s Raid A Tier List

RicardoTank, Status Attack
ChaseDPS, Support
NyxAoE DPS, Dispeller
MariaStatus Attack, Buffer
JunoCleanser, Support
CassandraSupport, Status Attack
GremorySupport, DPS

King’s Raid B Tier List

GauTank, Status Attacker, Support
PriscillaDPS, Support
TanyaDPS, Status Attack, Dispeller
ArchDPS, Support, Breaker
ZafirAoE DPS
ShamillaDPS, Support, Breaker
LakrakStatus Attack, AoE DPS
LiliaDPS, Support
MedianaHealer, Support
LaiasSupport, Healer
BaudouinSupport, Status Attack
CeciliaBurst DPS

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King’s Raid C Tier List

PhillopTank, Burst DPS, Support, Healer
AselicaSupport, Tank
KaselDPS, Debuffer
NailaDPS, Debuffer
EzekielDebuffer, Breaker
KaulahSupport, Debuffer, Status Attack
IsoletSupport, DPS
RiheetAoE DPS
YuriaBurst DPS

King’s Raid D Tier List

JaneTank, Burst DPS
ViskaBurst DPS, Debuffer
GladiDPS, Support
ChrishaAoE DPS, Support
LorraineAoE DPS, Status Attack
ArtemiaAoE DPS
FreySupport, Tank

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King’s Raid F Tier List

ClauseTank, Debuffer
MorrahTank, Support
TheoDPS, Debuffer, Buffer
EskerAoE DPS, Support
MaySupport, Healer
LavrilSupport, Healer

King’s Raid Characters List & Complete Guide

While there are more than 80 playable characters in King’s Raid, they’re not all equally effective. Many players get stuck at the starting level and want to know how to choose the best hero. The following tier list of heroes can help you decide which ones are the most effective. Read on to discover more about the game’s strengths and weaknesses! Then, you can choose a hero based on your preferences.

Following are the 5 top best characters details and their abilities

Clause Character in King’s Raid

Meet Clause, a friendly tank who comes with the game as a beginning. Clause is a great asset to a new team. However, because he is a free hero, he is frequently overlooked. He is one of the heroes who have a variety of beneficial abilities. 

He possesses a CC skill with a large PDEF buff, a PDEF reduction buff, a slow speed debuff, an ATK reduction debuff, and a PDMG AMP. S1 locks foes for 5 seconds with a 9-second cooldown. The Ling duration CC appearance is one of the team’s indirect protection measures.

Dakaris Character in King’s Raid

Dakaris is primarily a pvp hero with a preference for 3v3 Guild War content. Dakaris’ auto attack speed is decent. He does not, however, have any special equipment that benefits from it. S1 is a spammable CC interruption skill with a tiny AOE and strong spammability rate.

Dakaris can also be constructed as a tank. Taking S1 Light into CC lock improves the CC interruption ability. 2 second AOE stun with a 3 second cooldown. All we need to do now is make sure he’s getting enough mana.

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Loman Character in King’s Raid

Loman has a lot of ambition. He aspires to be the centre of attention and to be useful in all situations. Being a tank isn’t enough for him. He aspires to be both a Warrior and a Supporter. Every day, Loman prays to Lua-sama for his wish to come true. Lua-sama finally granted his wish. He quickly becomes one of the game’s most needed and utilised heroes.

One of the key reasons why Loman becomes the top support choice in many endgame areas is his ability to supply high PDMG AMP to the physical team. S2 removes debuffs while also providing a short-term shield and a direct damage reduction benefit. He has a lot of use in both PVE and PVP.

Morrah Character in King’s Raid

Morrah includes two separate game modes that can be used in various situations. You have the option of switching her. To begin, there’s the hard volcanic rock style. MDEF tank mode for party protection. Second, there’s the gladiator mode with the searing flames. MDPS mode with a single powerful target.

In WB1, her DPS mode is primarily used. She also received 40% MDMG AMP for the team and a large CC bar reduction as a bonus. In any mode, whether as a tank or a DPS, her bonus high CC bar reduction with quick cooldown in S1 is quite handy. If you don’t want to continually switch the runes, buy a Class UW so you can simply switch between the two modes.

Sonia Character in King’s Raid

Meet Sonia, the unpredictably persistent interrupter. Mirianne is her closest companion. She admires Mirianne’s unique progress and aspires to be like her. Sonia’s body erupts with lightning. She constantly zaps and interrupts adversaries with her lightning.

Because of this UT, Sonia begins to ascend as the wall team’s PVP star. In PVP, S2’s high trigger rate could interrupt foes at any time, cancelling their skill activation. She irritates opponents a lot because she interrupts them at random times.

In PVE, Sonia’s is primarily employed as a heavy CC bar reduction skill. CC bar reduction for 15 seconds. Sonia has used S3 to eliminate a large chink in the enemy’s CC bar while using S1 and S2 to keep the CC bar from recovering.

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Note: If you’re looking for new heroes, you should start with the S tier. These characters are powerful and will help your team win. You can pair them with more powerful heroes if you want to use them for PvP. A tier character is good for PvE but is not as strong as the top tier. A tier character has a lot of flexibility and is not difficult to use, so it’s best to team them with characters of the same gen as yours.

If you’re looking to play a PvE character, you should consider Zafir. His Judgment of the Desert ability deals a lot of physical damage with a 6-second cooldown. Cleo, on the other hand, is more focused on magic damage and her Fire Rain spell is a great way to deal massive amounts of damage without taking damage. But if you’re not into focusing on melee characters, you should go for Artemia and Cleo. Both of these characters are great for PvP.

People Also Ask

In this section, you’ll find the answers of all those questions which are frequently asked by gamers.

In King’s raid, who is the most powerful character?

Zafir. Zafir is the top character in King’s Raid’s PvE category.

Is King’s Raid worth playing?

The special effects are also quite impressive, and King’s Raid is a fantastic-looking game altogether. Overall, if you’re a lover of the genre, this is an RPG I can strongly suggest. However, the inability to move my character and investigate anything prevents it from becoming one of my favourite games.

Is Mirianne a good raider for the king?

– With T5 Dark, her ability to clear mobs is strong; with the right build and enough mana, she can go S1 > S3 > S1 > S3 > S1 > S3 indefinitely, with S2 spam in between every S3 kill. She’s one step below Arena Cancers and excels at what she does (disruption/assassination).

Which hero should I purchase in the King’s raid?

LOMAN is the best Hero in King’s Raid. The survivability he provides, combined with his damage and utility, is unparalleled, and we saw a significant increase in our winning percentages after adding him to our team composition. You will be unstoppable if you combine him with a great healer and some decent DPS!

How many heroes are involved in King’s raid?

There are over 80 heroes available to you by starting a relationship or purchasing them from the store with Gems. King’s Raid also has a real-time PvP Arena and a variety of other raid battles, such as Fire Dragons.

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