How to Restart Pokemon X

How to Restart Pokemon X

Backup Your Data (Optional but Recommended):

I suggest that before you restart your Pokemon X game, consider backing up your save data or transferring valuable Pokemon to Pokemon Bank or another game. This ensures you don’t lose any treasured Pokemon. This way you are able to enjoy the game and many other features without facing the struggle again. 

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Starting the Process:

  • Begin by turning on your Nintendo 3DS system.
  • As soon as the game begins to load, press and hold UP on the D-pad + B + X simultaneously.

Both of these steps are important, so keep following as described.

Confirmation Prompt:

You’ll be presented with a screen asking if you’re sure about deleting all your save data. Make sure you’re absolutely certain because once it’s gone, there’s no getting it back.

Begin a New Adventure:

Once you’ve confirmed the deletion, the game will restart, and you’ll be able to set out on a brand-new journey in the Kalos region.

Things to Consider Before Restarting:


  • Personal Bonds: If you’ve played for a while, you probably have Pokemon you’ve grown attached to. Restarting will erase these Pokemon, potentially erasing memories and connections you’ve formed with them.
  • Rarity and Effort: Did you catch any shiny Pokemon? What about Pokemon with perfect IVs that you spent hours breeding? Restarting means you’re saying goodbye to these rare finds unless you transfer them elsewhere.
  • Event Pokemon: Throughout the years, there are limited-time events where players can receive special Pokemon (e.g., ones with unique moves or held items). If you’ve claimed any of these, consider their irreplaceability.


  • Rare Items: Some items, like Master Balls or certain Mega Stones, are limited in quantity. Restarting erases all items in your inventory.
  • Battle Items: If you’re into competitive battling, you might have accumulated Battle Points (BP) and spent them on choice items. These will be lost.
  • Berries: Some berries might be hard to come by, especially if you’ve cultivated a berry farm.

Story Progress:

  • Gym Badges: All the badges you’ve earned from gym battles will be gone.
  • Storyline: If you were midway through a storyline or side quest, you’d need to replay them. This includes any legendary Pokemon encounters.
  • Locations: Areas unlocked after certain points in the game will be re-locked until you progress to that point again.


  • Hours Logged: All the hours you’ve spent on the game will be erased. This isn’t just a number, it represents the time you’ve invested.
  • Gameplay Achievements: Completed the Pokedex? Finished the Battle Maison challenges? All these accomplishments will be reset.

Trainer Card:

  • Achievements: Your Trainer Card might be gold, showcasing your achievements. Resetting will revert it back to its basic form.
  • Player Appearance: Any customizations to your player’s appearance or outfits will be lost.


  • Pokedex Completion: Your progress in completing the Pokedex will be reset. If you were close to or had completed it, this can be a significant loss.
  • Money & PokeMiles: All the in-game currency and PokeMiles you’ve accumulated will be reset to zero.
  • Friendship Levels: Pokemon that have reached high friendship levels (for evolutions or for moves like Return) will be lost.

Benefits of Restarting:

New Experience: 

Enjoy the thrill of the adventure all over again, meeting Pokemon, facing off against Gym Leaders, and exploring Kalos with fresh eyes.

Different Starter: 

Want to try the journey with a different starter Pokemon? Now’s your chance.

Final Words: 

No doubt restarting the Pokemon X game has benefits, but this decision to wipe your data is significant and should be made with consideration. Ensure you’ve backed up or transferred any vital data before making the leap. So, enjoy. You can also get Pokemon X ROM to play your game on Android, PC or iOS devices more comfortably.

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