How to Get Cheap Car Shipping

Moving a car from one location to another can be a nightmare for some people. This can be because of the stress of driving the vehicle over a long distance or the cost of having to hire a car shipping company.  Whatever the case, one can always look for ways to cuts cost with anything in life. However, the issue of getting a product or service for less is relative. 

Remember the saying ‘you get what you pay for?  Yes! You truly get what you pay for but that doesn’t mean that you should always go for the most expensive option for a product or service; neither do you have to go for the cheapest.  

When we talk about cheap in the real sense of the word, it means getting good value at the most affordable price. In this case, we are talking about getting cheap vehicle transport service or saving cost on moving your vehicle from one location to the other. That is why we will share some tips in this article to help you get the best value at the most affordable price. 

Tips for Getting Cheap Car Shipping


There are many factors that affect the cost of shipping a car. if you get to know these factors, you will be able to influence or control some of them and therefore get a good bargain for your auto transport. Some of those factors include the following:-

  1. Time of the year 
  2. Type of vehicle 
  3. Type of carrier used 
  4. Type of shipping/delivery option 
  5. Distance 

Based on these factors and some more that we did not mention, find below some tips to help you get best value at affordable price:-

Book Ahead of Time 

Some people have the bad habit of leaving things till the last minute. You may get by with this for some things but there are times that it would cost you. Shipping your vehicle is one of those times that it truly pays you to book early and not leave it to the last minute. 

There are shipping companies that give discounts to customers to book their shipment way ahead of time. Ideally, you are required to start the process at least 4 weeks before the pickup date and a bit earlier if it is the peak period. However, if you already know months ahead of your relocation, there is nothing stopping you from booking with the shipping company immediately. This will save you some money in discounts and also keep you on schedule. 

Check out as Many Shippers as Possible 

Starting early gives you the opportunity to check out as many shippers as possible. You have the leisure of time to look them up, read reviews, find out what previous customers have to say about them and evaluate their service. 

When you look up different shippers, you are able to make comparisons of their prices, the range of services, timeline and every important detail.  You can read this article for professional tips on how to compare prices. 

Choose Open Auto Carrier

There are two major carriers used in the auto transport business and they are the closed and open carriers. The open carriers are cheaper than the enclosed carriers; however, the open carriers do not offer as much protection from road debris and inclement weather as the enclosed carriers. That being said however, the open carriers are still the more affordable options for almost every type of vehicle. 

The only condition upon which we will advise against using open carrier is if you are shipping a vintage vehicle or classic or one that has very high sentimental value and across long distance. This is because it is safer to pay a bit more and be sure that your classic arrive its destination without any nick or scratch. 

Look for Promos and Discounts 

This is one advantage of starting early to make preparations for your shipment. You can check out many shippers and look out for discounts and promos. Some shippers will give discount if you ship more than one vehicle with them. In this case, you can look for one or two more persons that want to ship their vehicles around the same period as you. Join the shipments under one person and get the discount. 

Additionally, me shippers give discounts or have promos at certain periods of the year. Look out for such and take advantage of them. Visit for tips on how to get discounts. 


When looking for cheap car shipping, bear in mind that ‘cheap’ is not necessarily the least expensive option. However, this means getting the best value at the most affordable price. We have shared some simple but easy to ignore tips that will help you get good value at the best price for your auto transport. Bear them in mind and implement them and you will surprised at how much money you will save.

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