How to Cheat in Tainted Space

How to Cheat in Tainted Space Mobile & PC Cheats Code

If you are a newbie to the game, you may be wondering how to beat it. Well, the good news is that in this article you will find how to cheat in tainted space. There are many exploits and cheats, so you need to know what each one does. The good thing about using Trials in Tainted Space cheats is that they can help you reach higher levels faster.

Trials in Tainted Space cheats are designed to help you in the game. These cheats can help you in achieving more goals. However, it’s important to note that the effects are temporary. Therefore, you should always make backup copies of the original files before using these techniques. These hacks can make your game more fun and more efficient.

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Trials In Tainted Space Cheat

Trials in Tainted Space cheats can help you in your journey to the asteroid. With these cheats, you’ll be able to unlock and complete missions quicker. Just make sure you have the original game file since it’ll serve as a backup. You should also make backup copies of the original game file, so you don’t lose any of your progress. 

The best way to win Trials in Tainted Space is to learn how to exploit its exploits. While these may be unintentional, they will definitely increase your chances of winning the game. There are many tricks, tips, and guides to help you get the upper hand in the game. These tricks can help you get ahead in the game. If you’re looking for a cheat that will make you a better player, you can get the cheats code below in this post.

Benefits Of Cheat In Tainted Space

Following are the feature of Tainted Space Cheats

  • The biggest advantage of using Trials in Tainted Space cheats is that you can modify your character in any way you like. 
  • The most basic features include height and weight, but you can also add other features, such as antennae or gills. 
  • Eventually, the game will allow you to change your genitalia, including testicles, nipples, and clitoris.
  • In addition to the numerous cheats, you can also use the cheats to change the looks of your character. For example, you can use the motherlode cheat code to make Runa look like a shark. 
  • This cheat will allow you to enter the next level of the game without having to face the consequences of losing the first one. 
  • If you’re a female, you can add horns to get a male appearance. Likewise, a female – a pig – will have horns.

How to Cheat in Tainted Space & How to use?

Enter the codes in the settings section of the codex console. Some codes can’t be activated through the console; instead, use the main Codex screen.

  • Open the gaming series
  • In the given space bar, enter the Trials In Tainted Space Cheat Codes
  • To get more rewards, you can get the Text Input Box 
  • Again type the Trials In Tainted Space Cheat Codes
  • Click the Enter icon to get the rewards in the gaming series.

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Trials in Tainted Space Cheat Codes

furfagThis cheat code is used to enable or disable the infinite item use for most consumable items.
bimboThis code forces the treatment in order to use the female effects.
bullIt forces the treatment to use the male effects.
amazonThis cheat code forces the treatment to use the amazon effects.
motherlodeYou can get enough XP to reach on to the next level.
insaneinthemembraneThis cheat code is used to change the Bess’ name to Runa.
88mphThis code will pass a large amount of game time.
mitziThis code will help Captain Steele to quickly rescue Mitzi, bypassing the Stellar Tether Dungeon.
anotherbrickinthewallThis cheat code will give you 100,000 credits.
ImpulseThis code brings up the Impulse menu for scene ID.
treatmentForces the treatment to use the default effects.
marcopoloUnlocks all planets excluding Breedwell and Kashima.
dollTeleports the player to the start of the Kiro quest dungeons.
clowncarAllows ship flight with any amount of crew members.
partyThis cheat code is used to start the Zaibatsu party.
tistheseasonThis code will show the menu with a list of special holidays.
laploveThis cheat code is used to revert the game to its previous inclusion of the Lapinara Parasitic female.

Trials in Tainted Space Exploits

Following are exploits are as useful as the cheats

Credits & XPDefeat Dr. Lash in combat, stacking burning resistance to or above 100% while building electric resistance as high as possible to reduce his damage output, so you can repeat the fight as many times as you wish.
Syri’s infinite intelligenceDuring Syri’s morning menu, hold the 1 button. You’ll receive Reflex, Aim, and more if you mix it with clearly.
MoneyIf you lose, save, stake your entire wallet in the Treasure Nova Casino (Zheng Shi), and then load from the save.

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Fated Names for Trials in Tainted Space

Fated names are a unique exploit that gamers can use to gain access to additional features and enhance their gaming experience.

Following are some of the fated names:

  • Archie
  • Naoki
  • Galthus
  • Legojohn
  • Yui
  • Kosmos

People Also Ask

In this section, you will find the answers of those questions which are mostly asked by gamers.

In tainted space, how can you enter cheats in trials?

How Do I Make Cheat Codes Work? In Trials in Tainted Space, you can use a keyboard to type in a message at any time to insert cheat codes. In order to execute your cheat code, you can also open a text input box and type it there.

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