Horizon Forbidden West Beginners Tips

Horizon Forbidden West Beginners Tips And Facts (Ultimate Guide)

As a beginner, we will go over the things you need to know about horizon forbidden west beginners tips, tricks and facts in this ultimate guide. With our experience playing the game, we’ll share horizon forbidden west beginner tips and tricks.

You play as a dashing adventurer who seeks out the Horizon for fame and fortune, or to see all of its beautiful sights…or gold and loot.  Death is the primary reason why you (name of character) will die, and the most frequent.

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Horizon Forbidden West Beginners Tips And Tricks 

If you’re ready to pick up your copy of the game or waiting for it to download, we recommend checking out this beginner’s guide in the meanwhile. We’ll go over everything you need to know about Horizon Forbidden West when you first start.

Make your weapon wheel more interesting.

Here we mention some and most interesting tips of weapon wheel

  • After a few hours of gameplay, the more fascinating weaponry you discover will undoubtedly be counterbalanced by ones that aren’t particularly good. 
  • You’ll be able to bring more weapons into battle than you can keep on your weapon wheel. 
  • A stockpile of low-quality bombs and arrows will only be used if you don’t have any other options or when you’re down to one arrow or bomb. 
  • When you only have a few good weapons, it can feel as though you can’t make any progress unless it’s easy, which leads to tedious gameplay. 
  • With each status, you should intend to keep at least one weapon.


All things you need to know

  • For the first time, the Pico-8 Developer Workbench is unloaded, allowing you to create your own games, demos, and applications! 
  • The workbenches are included with everything you need to get started in Horizon Forbidden West. (pictures show the finished product with more information) If you’ve played prior versions, you’ll recall that all of the crafting recipes for weapons, armour, and potions were absent from the game. 
  • You can make things with this workbench. To keep up with the ever-increasing threat, players can use the workbench to update their armour and weaponry. 
  • As the adversaries you encounter become more powerful, it is necessary to upgrade your weapons and costumes.

Examine each enemy, both human and machine

Like the previous entry, the main enemies in Forbidden West are humans and machines.

Here we mention some of them

  • Tremortusk
  • Clamberjaw
  • Clawstrider
  • Rollerback
  • Sunwing
  • Slitherfang
  • Shellsnapper
Examine each enemy in horizon forbidden west
Examine each enemy in horizon forbidden west

We all have flaws, and Horizon puts them on full show. The beautiful thing about the Horizon Zero Dawn machines is that each one has a unique flaw that you can use to your advantage.She can scan and scout every hostile target she comes across, whether machine or organic, by focusing (click and hold on the right stick). 

Before she may examine her new friend, she must first eliminate the opponent’s ranged weapons (the eagle on its back). 

You should make it a habit to use this feature on a regular basis—ideal it’s to do it before any fight that allows it. Furthermore, the system you’re scanning will only be responsive until you either stop it or turn it off.

To get away from opponents, use smoke bombs underwater.

  • The Horizon series gets a lot of underwater action in Forbidden West. 
  • For starts, the player will spend the majority of his time underwater. 
  • Some of it is optional, but some of it is required. Underwater, you can only evade and hide, and smoke bombs are the most reliable technique to stop an enemy’s pursuit and gain some breathing room. 
  • When you make it out of the waves, the next mission begins with a timer that is triggered by pressing the button to depart the water.

Traps are quite effective, so employ them frequently.

Here we provide some useful traps

  • You’ll get trap recipes early on in Forbidden West, allowing you to booby-trap the battlefield in the heat of battle. 
  • Each trap must be triggered by a particular number of creatures, all of whom must be within range. 
  • However, the optimum time to set up these traps is before things get out of hand. 
  • You can use traps to set your foes up to fail spectacularly, just like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, and they’re so potent in Horizon that you owe it to yourself to make it a habit. 
  • The most versatile example is to start with a level one skull and then add a purple or yellow creature around it.

Choose the best Valor Surge for you.

Valor Surges are Aloy’s new ultimate powers, designed to give her distinctive attributes a fresh twist. They are both the best and most diversified abilities in the game. You’ll rapidly design the Aloy that plays to your strengths thanks to the several types of Valor Surges available inside each skill area. 

Choose the best Valor Surge for you. Aloy skill is a set of new powers that allows players to play in new ways. You may make her invisible, use arrows to deliver more damage, become a damage sponge and shake off even the most powerful attacks, and more. Every time Aloy levels up, she acquires a new ability. This fascinating new part of the game has something for everyone.

Explore the massive skill tree to its fullest

Warrior, trapper, survivor, infiltrator, hunter, and machine master are among the six skill trees available in Horizon Forbidden West. All skills are upgradeable and can be levelled up to five times. According to Steam: https://steamdb.info/app/367850/graphs/, the game has a total of 61,270 skill points. 

Aloy will be able to excel in that field by putting points into these trees. You can prioritise one skill tree over the other depending on your playstyle. The machine master skill tree should be maxed if you wish to concentrate on destroying and taming machines. You’ll be able to create destroyers, combat mechs, and eventually giants as a result of this.

Updates on new activities

Here you can find some and important updates of horizon forbidden west

  • If all of the action gets to you, there are a variety of pastimes available in the tribes’ settlements.
  •  You can put your power to the test in the melee pit against other human tribe members, or prove your bravery in the arena against massive, harsh machines. 
  • Horizon Forbidden West, like most open-world games, contains a slew of side quests. 
  • These quests are optional and have no bearing on the game’s main plot. However, this time around, the NPCs are more memorable, and the side tasks are more fleshed out. 
  • You can get more resources by completing these quests than you would otherwise.

Forbidden West: Traveling the world

  • Players will be able to use the game’s free climbing functionality this time around. Previously, players had to rely on a limited number of yellow-highlighted ledges that weren’t always available. Forbidden West, on the other hand, modifies that. You can now easily climb up a variety of surfaces.
  • While there is still some climbing to be done, it is an improvement. If you were hoping for free climbing as in Assassins Creed Valhalla, you’ll be disappointed, but it’s a significant improvement over the previous instalment. Players can utilise their Focus to determine whether surfaces are suitable for climbing.
  • Furthermore, Aloy can employ the Shieldwing glider to glide after jumping off of high platforms. This is a fantastic addition to the game, as it allows players to be more inventive in their usage of Shieldwing.
  • Finally, the Pullcaster, a grappling hook, is available. This equipment enables you to easily access higher regions and make a speedy getaway or achieve higher ground. It’s an excellent tool for repositioning yourself and returning to action whenever you’re ready.

People Asked Questions

Is Horizon Forbidden West worth it?

Regardless of how you got your copy of Horizon Forbidden West (assuming you have or will), reviews almost universally agree that the game is a masterpiece, so even if you have to wait another day, it might be worth it.

Can I play Horizon Forbidden West on PS4?

Horizon Forbidden West is a PlayStation exclusive, developed by Sony’s first-party studio Guerrilla Games. To play Horizon Forbidden West right now, you’ll need a PS4 or PS5.

Is Horizon Forbidden West free upgrade?

“While the pandemic’s devastating effects delayed Forbidden West’s release date, we will honour our offer: players who purchase Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 4 will receive a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 edition.”

How old is Aloy in Forbidden West?

Aloy is 18 years old when the Nora tribe is attacked by outsiders.

Is Aloy a machine?

The primary character in the Horizon series is Aloy. Aloy is the genetic clone of Dr. 21st century roboticist and engineer Nora Brave, Seeker, and machine hunter of remarkable talent. Aloy was successful in saving life on Earth as well as the humans of the new world formed by Zero Dawn.

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