Honkai: Star Rail Sparkle Guide

Sparkle is the newest addition to Honkai: Star Rail, and she has caused quite the impressive reaction in the community. Touted as one of the best support characters (for good reason), she is a chaotic, mischievous devil who is the first character to add maximum skill points to the team as a mechanic, gives a lot of overall damage to the team she’s in, can buff your carry with impressive crit damage numbers (nearing 110%), and finally enables a mono quantum team to be played reliably well. If you want to get her at E6 as well as her signature Light Cone, you might want to top up Honkai Star Rail account.

Sparkle’s Kit and Talents

There’s a lot to cover here, so buckle up. We’re going to start this off with her talent, then move on to her skill and her ultimate attack and how they work, while briefly mentioning her traces.

Disclaimer: We’ll refer to her Talent, Ultimate, Skill, etc. as if they were all at level 10 for the guide (And if they aren’t level 10 for you, then what are you doing?)

Sparkles Talent

“When Sparkle is on the battlefield, increases the max number of Skill Points additionally by 2. When an ally consumes 1 Skill Point, it will increase the DMG of all allies by 6% for 2 turn(s). This effect can be stacked up to 3 times.”

So, not only is she the first character to boost the maximum amount of skill points a team can have, but she also gives a pretty impressive 18% DMG boost to the whole team. This synergizes well with her ultimate, but we’ll talk about that later.

Sparkles Skill

“Increases the CRIT DMG of a single ally by 48% of Sparkle’s CRIT DMG plus 17.1%, lasting for 1 turn(s). And at the same time, Advances Forward this ally’s action by 50%. When Sparkle uses this ability on herself, the Action Advance effect will not trigger.”

Now this is where the fun begins. If you build her properly with CRIT DMG as your main stat as you should, you can easily reach around 200% CRIT DMG on her… which translates to around a 120% CRIT DMG buff for your carry… and not only that, but there’s the second part of the skill – which advances that character’s action by 50%, meaning that they will often get to act immediately when this buff is cast at them.

Sparkles Ultimate

“Recovers 4 Skill Points for the team and grants all allies Cipher. When allies with Cipher trigger the DMG Boost effect provided by Sparkle’s Talent, each stack additionally increases its effect by 10%, lasting for 2 turns.”

Oh boy, here we go. Not only does Sparkle recover 4 skill points for those hungry DPS units to consume, but she practically boosts her Talent effect from 6% DMG boost to 16% DMG boost for everyone in your team, which stacks up to 3 times and adds up to a MASSIVE damage boost of 48% for the WHOLE TEAM.

Sparkles Technique

Last, but definitely not least – her Technique gives you stealth and if you start a battle from Stealth, your team gets 3 Skill Points at the start of the fight. Pretty crazy, considering what her Talent does.

Sparkle Traces

While we don’t want to hang on the traces for too long, some of them are pretty powerful, like the one that gives her 10 more energy for her ultimate on her basic attack.

Sparkle Stat Priority and Best Relic Sets

As we’ve discussed earlier, Sparkle’s best stat is crit DMG because her skill scales off of it. The more CRIT DMG she has, the more CRIT DMG she can give to your carry. Next up is SPD which is only slightly below CRIT DMG in priority, and then we have Energy Recharge, Health, and ATK.

Her best Relic Set will usually be a combination of 2PC sets, with the first one always being Messenger Traversing Hackerspace for its 6% SPD bonus, and then you can choose either Broken Keel to buff the CRIT DMG of your team by an additional 10%, or a 2PC Penacony Land of the Dreams for a mono Quantum team.

Sparkle Best Teams

Sparkle is a great support character as we’ve seen from her kit, but she excels quite well with characters like Imbibitor Lunae Dan Heng, Argenti, or Dr. Ratio who are very skill point hungry DPS units, as it allows them to use the full potential of her talent. 

She can also be played in a full Quantum Team and she is the missing piece of the puzzle that finally makes a mono-Quantum team very viable, even for the hardest challenges in the game.


Sparkle is a great support for most Crit DMG/Crit Rate based team comps and has some impressive buffs to bring to the teams she’s in. She, as every other character in the game, excels when she’s at E6 – but for that you might need to invest in your Honkai Star Rail account with a website like U7BUY

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