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80+ Fortnite Pick Up Lines to Make Her Smile [Must Try]

If you’re looking to impress your girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other, there are some Fortnite pick up lines you can use to make her smile. These lines are related to playing the game on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. Here are a few ideas for funny Fortnite pick uplines. They’ll be sure to make your partner smile.

There are many other ways to make a good impression on a girl or boy, and the first step is finding the perfect Fortnite pick up line. Here are some examples: “I’m a chug jug.” This is a dirty Fortnite pick up line, but it might work in a different context. A more subtle and sophisticated pick up line is to ask the girl to show you her jugs.

About Fortnite

First, it’s important to note that Fortnite is a multi-platform video game. It can be played on consoles, computers and mobile devices. It is popular with teenagers, athletes, and celebrities. Epic Games has invested a lot of marketing muscle into the game, so it will be no surprise if it continues to gain popularity. But while the game is free to play, it has been criticised for being addictive and inducing competitive rage.

While many people are wary of the game’s violence and graphic violence, it is still highly recommended for older gamers. PEGI, the parent organization of Fortnite, rates this title as suitable for children aged 12 and up. For younger players, however, it’s important to know that it is still considered a rated PG-13 game. But you don’t have to worry if your child is playing the game as a teenager.

Most Use Full Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Lines
Pick Up Lines
 Read on to find out more! Now, let's move on to the next step: forming a catchy line!
Can i be your victory royale?
Damn girl, you must be purple save.
Girl are you a legendary?
Want to Fortnite and chill?
Call Me Cupid Cause I Just Landed a Crossbow Shot to your Heart.
Do you play Fortnite, I want you in my fort tonight
I want to land on you baby.
Want me to Grease up your Grove tonight?
Fancy some pump action?
Default dance repeatedly
I wanna jump in your rift and show you a whole new world.
Baby, all I want to do is be your victory royale.
Girl are you a Scar? You are Golden.
Want to Fortnite and Chill?
Call me cupid Cause I Just landed a crossbow shot to your heart.
You must be a Scar, you have Golden written all over you.
I’d jump off a floating bus for you.
Do you wanna see my tilted tower
I’m gonna take u to a pleasant park and shove my shifty shaft inside your dusty depot.
I love you by Default!
Can I chug on your jugs?
Are you purple save cause I’m checking you out.
You’re the only solo win I want.
Girl are you a supply drop? You are an angel that fell from the sky and saved me.
Wanna feel my shifty shaft?
How about you let me explore that chest of yours, huh?
Are you a Loot Pinata? Cause I can smack you all night long.

Best Pick Up lines For Fortnite

I can explore your shifty with my clocktower.
Tomorrow? My fort?
I promise I ain’t no double-pump chump.
You’d never be lonely lodge with me.
I would love to harvest your materials.
The only solo win I desire is You.
Do you want to be lonely like lonely lodge or all action like tilted towers
I want my shifty shaft to visit your moisty mire
Girl are you victory royal? You are my only one out of 100.
Quick, hide in my ATK.
Hey girl wanna play doubles?
Default dance repeatedly’
Wadda ya say we get a little pump action going?
Wanna feel my shifty shaft?

Clean Fortnite Pick Up Lines

Here know you can find clean pick up lines for your partner to fortnite game, these are trending pick up lines.

Can I chug on your jugs?
Damn girl, I think that bush would be perfect for hiding in.
I would drop my gold scar for you.
Are you an ATK? Because I want to get inside you
Hey babe, want me to grease up your grove tonight?
Are you a default? I don’t mind carrying you forever and ever.
Can I see your chug jugs
What do you say you come check out my fort this evening?
I am no grappler but I could still reel you in.
Hey, are you a legendary?
If you are a default, I will carry you all night long.
Want me to Grease up your Grove tonight?
I’ll be your duo queue tonight.
Is your name Mire? Because I’m making you Moisty.
I want my shifty shaft to visit your moisty mire
For you baby, I would do anything. Even drop my gold scar.
You have built into my heart.
I’ll show you how to have fun in pleasant park
Did you come from the lodge? Because I wouldn’t make you lonely.
I promise I ain’t no double-pump chump
You. Me. Greasing up your groove. How does that sound for a date?
How many bucks to see your V
I’d jump off a floating bus for you.
You are as fine as a gold scar.
You’ll be wailing at my woods.
I love you by default!
Call Me Cupid Cause I Just Landed a Crossbow Shot to your Heart.
Let’s spend the night in my fort and have a pleasant time.
Want to Fortnite and Chill?
You just won the battle royal to my heart.
You won my heart.
I have a shifty shaft? Can I let it explore your moisty mire?
Hey girl do you play Fortnite.
I’ll be your duo queue tonight.
My nickname is Grappler. Yes. Are you reeled in yet?
Wanna feel my shifty shaft?


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