ESO Necromancer Build

ESO Necromancer Build Leveling Tips [MAGICKA NECRO]

There are many different builds for the ESO Necromancer class. It can be played as a tank, damage dealer, or healer. Here are some tips to make your ESO necromancer build work for you. First, you should know that your build will be based on the skills that consume corpses. This is because an increased number of corpses will affect all of your abilities. Second, you should remember to use Champion Constellations to buff healing and survival.

If you’re looking for something more offensive and want to build ESO Necromancer, you’ll want to use Reanimate Ultimate. Reanimate Ultimate allows you to revive three allies at once. The other totem, Renewing Animation, restores 5000 Magicka and Stamina. Reanimate Blastbones is the better option, but you’ll still have to pay a little more for it.

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If you’re on a budget, you can always go for Renewing Animation. Curative Curse increases your healing effects by 8% when you’re suffering from negative effects. Near-Death Experience is a good choice as well, as it increases your Critical Hit chance and Healing abilities by 20%.

What is Necromancer And How To Build

Generally speaking, a Necromancer is one of the best tanks in the game. A tank is a tank that can take damage while being a healer. They are a good choice if you want to play as a tank in ESO. In ESO, you can use two armor sets, namely Venomous Smite and Eternal Vigor. Both of these sets give you the extra benefits you need.

A Necromancer’s skills are versatile, and he can play as a tank, damage dealer, or healer. This class is capable of filling any of the roles in the party, and it’s also very flexible with weapons. A Necromancer can be a tank, a healer, or a DPS. A necromancer’s skill line can be used to grant life to allies, but he should avoid using Living Death on allies.

 Best ESO Necromancer Builder

The best ESO necromancer build will use a Healer skill line. You will get a healer’s DOT effect and gain an extra 2000 health. Lastly, a healer’s backup bar should be filled with items that increase their stats and provide a healing boost. Adding the right armor sets will help you get the best out of your ESO gameplay.

When it comes to ESO necromancer builds, you should focus on one of four types of equipment. These equipment are suited for different play styles. Some builds are more appropriate for PvP, while others are better for PvE. These are all great for playing in the same group. However, if you’re new to the game, you should choose the best ESO necromancer build that will work best for you.

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ESO Magicka Necromancer PVE builds

ESO Magicka Necromancer PVE builds
ESO Magicka Necromancer PVE builds

There are many options for building an ESO Necromancer, but you should focus on Magicka and Stamina. A good Necromancer build will help you stay alive and support your party, while also allowing you to cast powerful spells. With plenty of customization, a Necromancer can become a formidable force. Don’t be afraid to experiment, though, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to.

While it may be tempting to try a new race, a Necromancer’s versatility allows you to fill any role in your party. In addition to being a tank, a Necromancer can be a healer or DPS. The skill lines that give the Necromancer access to Living Death, Bone Tyrant, and Elemental Blockade will allow you to deal with massive amounts of healing. And a spirit guard adds tons of healing to the party, while Summoner’s Armor decreases the spirit guard cooldown.

ESO’s Best PvE Necromancer Builds

Following are the best PvE necromancer builds in ESO

1. Magicka DPS Build

ESO Magicka Necromancer builds, Because it is optimized to do heavy damage over greater regions, the Magicka Necromancer is a powerhouse in any group content. This means you can clear content faster with your groups. Khajiit and Dark Elf also make excellent Necromancers, with Breton falling short in terms of damage but more than making up for it in terms of sustain.

Magicka ESO Necromancer Skills

Following are the Magicka skill in ESO Necromancer

Front Bar

  • Inner Light (Morph of Magelight | Mages Guild skill line) – (morph of Magelight | Guild/Mages skill line): raise to max Magicka and spell critical 100% uptime on the front bar.
  • Blastbones (Morph of Blasbones | Grave Lord skill line) – (morph of Blasbones | Necromancer/Grave Lord skill line): This is an incredible single target and AoE damage ability that needs to be recharged on a regular basis.
  • Camouflaged Hunter (Morph of Expert Hunter | Fighters Guild skill line) – (morph of Expert Hunter | Fighters Guild skill line): When critical attacking from the flank, slotting this skill increases weapon critical and minor berserk. Consider your flex spot: can you sustain yourself with Consuming Trap, Elemental Drain solo, or double bar Harness for survivability?
  • Ricochet Skull (Morph of Flame Skull | Grave Lord Skill Line) – (morph of Flame Skull | Necromancer/Grave Lord Skill Line): our main spammable ranged ability.
  • Mystic Siphon (Shocking Siphon morph | Grave Lord skill line) – (Shocking Siphon morph | Necromancer/Grave Lord skill line): Consumes corpses, inflicts damage, sustains, and increases slotted damage
  • Flawless Dawnbreaker (Morph of Dawnbreaker | Fighters Guild skill line) – (morph of Dawnbreaker | Fighters Guild skill line): For slotting on our spammable bar, updated in the last version to deliver spell damage of 300 for 20 seconds and passive spell damage of 3%.

Back Bar

  • Necrotic Potency (Morph of Bitter Harvest | Bone Tyrant Skill Line) – (morph of Bitter Harvest | Necromancer/Bone Tyrant Skill Line): crazy ultimate generation and healing.
  • Skeletal Arcanist (Morph of Skeletal Mage | Grave Lord skill line) – (morph of Skeletal Mage | Necromancer/Grave Lord skill line): excellent damage tool with enhanced resource sustain via passives.
  • Harness Magicka (Morph of Annulment | Light Armor Skill Line) – (morph of Annulment | Light Armor Skill Line): When you take damage, this shield absorbs it for 6 seconds and helps you replenish Magicka.
  • Unnerving Boneyard (Morph of Boneyard | Skill line: Grave Lord) – (Necromancer/Grave Lord skill line): Damage over time that also debuffs mob resistances.
  • Elemental Blockade (Wall of Elements morph | Destruction Staff skill line) – (Wall of Elements morph | Destruction Staff skill line): Massive AoE damage that explodes and procs our back-bar Maelstrom weapon.
  • Glacial Colossus (Frozen Colossus morph | Grave Lord skill line) – (morph of Frozen Colossus | Necromancer/Grave Lord skill line): Ultimate with insane burst and a debuff for extra damage 12-second timer

Armor & Weapons Build

The two sets we’ll be using this week are Mother’s Sorrow (from Deshaan) and Medusa (from Arx Corinium). Zaan will assist us in increasing our single target damage, but you must remain within 8 meters of the target to maintain its devastating beam.

ChestMother’s SorrowDivines
LegsMother’s SorrowDivines
FeetMother’s SorrowDivines
HandsMother’s SorrowDivines
BeltMother’s SorrowDivines
Weapon 1MedusaPrecise
Weapon 2(Perfected) Crushing WallInfused (w/ weapon damage enchantment)

Getting the Essentials in Order

  • 20 Eldritch Insight, 20 Precision, 50 Deadly Aim (slot), 50 Biting Aura (slot), 20 Preparation, Fighting Finesse (slot), 20 Eldritch Insight, 20 Precision, 50 Deadly Aim (slot), 50 Biting Aura (slot), 20 Preparation, Fighting Finesse (slot), 20 Preparation, Fighting Finesse (slot), 20 Preparation, Fighting Fin 20 Elemental Aegis, 20 Hardy, 20 Flawless Ritual, 20 Elemental Aegis, 20 Hardy, 20 Flawless Ritual, 20 Elemental Aegis, 20 Blessed, 30 War Mage, 50 Thaumaturge (slot), 30 War Mage
  • 20 Hero’s Vigor in terms of fitness 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (slot), 50 (s (slot), Thirty minutes of tumbling, twenty minutes of defiance, and thirty minutes of fortification 20 Tireless Defender 50 Spells for Siphoning (slot)
  • Steed’s Blessing (slot 50), Liquid Efficiency (slot 75), Rationer (slot 30) (slot)

2. Stamcro DPS Build

Stamcro DPS Build
Stamcro DPS Build

The Stamina Necromancer excels at many of the same things as the Magicka Necromancer, such as landing those incredibly high damaging AOE abilities and assisting your team in increasing their damage. 

There are a variety of ways to play the Stamcro, but we’ve gone with a dual wield / bow configuration with Vateshran daggers here. The strongest race for Stamcros to optimize their damage is Khajiit, with to their well-rounded numbers and enhanced critical damage, but Dark Elf isn’t far behind, with more consistent damage in combat.

Stamina Necromancer Skills

Taking a deep look at that skill, we calculate some important points which are mentioned there. Keep track of when you’re using other Necromancer abilities and make sure you cast Venom Skull after you’ve used two other class abilities for that massive damage spike. Your ultimate Pestilent Colossus not only grants the same amazing Major Vulnerability debuff of increasing enemy hit damage taken by 10% for 12 seconds, but it also deals additional damage with each hit of the ultimate, culminating in a third hit.

Shrouded Daggers (Spammable)Endless Hail
Blighted BlastbonesSkeletal Archer
Venom SkullResolving Vigor
Detonating SiphonNecrotic Potency
Deadly CloakBarbed Trap
Flawless Dawnbreaker (Ult)Pestilent Colossus (Ult)

Armor & Weapons Build

In our armour sets, we have a variety of damage focuses, aiming for high single target damage. The (Perfected) Arms of Relequen are the best stamina set available (from Cloudrest) This set necessitates long fights when you are only focused on light hitting a single monster.

Kinras’ Wrath (from Black Drake Villa) relies on the stacking of light and heavy attacks. Each light or heavy attack adds a 5-second stack to your total. When you reach five stacks, you acquire an aura that increases your Major Berserk damage by 10%.

Executioner’s Blade (from Veteshran Hollows) is our final damage set; it does 250 percent more damage to opponents with less than 100 percent health when equipped. 

ChestArms of RelequenDivines
LegsArms of RelequenDivines
FeetArms of RelequenDivines
HandsArms of RelequenDivines
BeltArms of RelequenDivines
Weapon 1(Perfected) Executioner’s Bladew/ Damage Health Poisons
Weapon 2(Perfected) Thunderous VolleyInfused (w/ weapon damage enchantment)

Getting the Essentials in Order

  • 20 Tireless Discipline, 20 Precision, 50 Deadly Aim (slot), 50 Backstabber (slot), 20 Preparation, 50 Fighting Finesse (slot), 20 Hardy, 20 Elemental Aegis, 20 Battle Mastery, 30 Mighty, 50 Master-at-Arms (slot), 20 Blessing (slot).
  • Tumbling, 20 Defiance, 30 Fortification, 20 Tireless Guardian, 20 Hero’s Vigor, 50 Boundless Vitality (slot), 50 Ironclad (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 30 Tumbling, 20 Defiance, 30 Fortification
  • Steed’s Blessing (slot 50), Liquid Efficiency (slot 75), Rationer (slot 30) (slot)

3. Stamcro Tank Build

Tanking as a Necromancer is incredibly rewarding since you may provide excellent support to your team while simultaneously becoming virtually unkillable as a gigantic skeleton. Stamcro Tanks, befitting a necromancer, are incredibly easy to master and may be utilized to tank extremely difficult fights. 

The Imperial is recommended because of its excellent health and stamina boosts, as well as its 6% skill cost reduction. Nords are also excellent because they have naturally greater resistances and smaller health and stamina advantages, but also acquire ult generation, which is comparable to the Imperial’s.

Stamcro Tanks Skills

Always face your foes away from your group to avoid any AOE or splash damage attacks wiping out your unsuspecting teammates. As a tank, Silver Leash can be used to actively influence where extra foes are standing, but Necromancers can instead employ Beckoning Armor, which also serves as a source of Major Resolve.

Pierce Armor (Taunt)Elemental Blockade
Heroic SlashBone Surge
Defensive StanceAgony Totem
Empowering GraspSpirit Guardian
Deaden PainBeckoning Armor
Ravenous Goliath (Ult)Aggressive Warhorn (Ult)

Armor & Weapons Build

We’ll change the monster set for the Necromancer Tank depending on the composition of our party. Encratis’ Behemoth is used in this build to increase a Magicka group’s flame damage by 5% while simultaneously providing them 5% flame resistance. To activate the effect, you must deliver fire damage, which is why we have a flame glyph on our main hand sword. When you taunt an enemy, Tremorscale reduces their physical resistance by an extra 2395, making it the best option for Stamina-intensive parties.

JewelryDrake’s RushHealthy
Weapon 1Drake’s RushDecisive 1h (w/ flame enchantment (with Encratis’s set), and Sturdy Shield
Weapon 2Drake’s RushInfused (w/ crusher enchantment)

Getting the Essentials in Order

  • Warfare: 20 Tireless Discipline, 20 Preparation, 50 Duelist’s Rebuff (slot), 50 Unassailable (slot), 50 Enduring Resolve (slot), 50 Duelist’s Rebuff (slot) (slot), Bulwark No. 50 (slot), 20 Insights from the Eldritch Realm, Hardy (20), Elemental Aegis (20), and Blessed (20)
  • Fitness: 20 Hero’s Vigor, 50 Boundless Vitality (slot), 50 Ironclad (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 20 Tireless Guardian, 50 Ironclad (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 50 Rejuvenation (slot), 50 Rejuven Fortification, Tumbling, Defiance, and Strategic Reserve are all worth 30 points each (slot)
  • Steed’s Blessing (slot 50), Liquid Efficiency (slot 75), Rationer (slot 30) (slot)

Important Note

Another type of ESO necromancer build that can be used for PVE is a Stamina Necromancer. A Stamina Necromancer can be used for PVP, but he can also be played as an off-tank. A colossus Necromancer can be purchased for 1500 crowns from the Crown Store. The game is a great place to buy a Necromancer. If you can’t afford the Platinum DLC, try the Greymoor DLC.

The main reason you should buy the ESO Necromancer is that it is the best class for killing mobs and a tank is a good tank. This class is also good for a tank, as they are both very strong. A necromancer can even use a pet. This makes it even more dangerous to players. If you can’t afford them, buy a pet for the ESO Necromancer.

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People Also Ask

In this section, we will cover and answers of those questions which are frequently asked by gamers.

What is the best build for Necromancer eso?

Following are the best build
3 Scourge Necromancer Healer.
4 Solo MagCro. …
5 Solo StamCro. …
6 Colossus Necromancer Tank. …
7 Werewolf Necromancer. …
8 Cleave Necromancer. …
9 Bloodrush Necromancer. Resource Focus: Magicka and Stamina. …
10 One Bar Necromancer. Resource Focus: Magicka.

In ESO, what does Necromancer excellent at?

Magicka Necromancers are skilled magicka users who gain a lot of benefit from their class abilities and passives. Death Gleaning, Last Gasp, Reusable Parts, Death Knell, Dismember, Rapid Rot, Curative Curse, Corpse Consumption, and Undead Confederate are just a few of their powerful passives.

Is the DPS of a Necromancer good eso?

The class has a lot of sustain and a lot of DPS. The Necromancer is one of the most durable spell-caster classes in the game, thanks to improved survivability and an additional Health Passive.

What is the ideal race for a Magicka Necromancer?

While using an Orc is still a good choice, the Dark Elf and Khajiit are the greatest choices for consistent damage at the highest levels of play. Although the Khajiit has a higher burst potential, the Dark Elf provides more constant damage throughout engagements without relying on critical hits.

What weapon should a Necromancer use?

The Destruction Staff skill tree is the greatest weapon available for Necromancers in ESO, since it augments the class’ intrinsic abilities to create a formidable construct.

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