Dust Rock Blues

How To Get Dust Rock Blues Destiny 2 (Shotgun)

To find Dust Rock Blues, you must first load your character and then run through the game. You must kill the boss at the end of the game. Afterward, you must open a chest that contains a legendary engram. Lastly, you must kill the manager of the misfortune area. This will grant you with the item. Once you have it, you can continue your quest to obtain a legendary engram.

The Dust Rock Blues is a PvP weapon in Destiny 2. It can be farmed and is the best weapon for the Trials of Osiris. Once you have it, you’ll be the king of the jungle, ready to take on the boss in the next level.

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About Dust Rock Blues

It is a legendary shotgun first introduced to Destiny 2 during the Forsaken expansion. This legendary item is obtained by completing a single-player adventure. To obtain it, you must find and kill the Pathfinder boss in the Firebase Hades area of the EDZ. To do this, you must forbear the boss’s rage, which will give you the zoo you need. Once you’ve successfully killed the chief, you should have a chest that drops Dust Rock Blues.

This is an excellent choice for Trials Of Osiris, as it’s the most reliable PvP weapon. The base range of this weapon is 68, but you can boost it with perks. With a range stat of 86, you’ll be able to consistently 1hk while airborne at 9m. If you’re looking for an ultimate PvP weapon, the Dust Rock Blues is a perfect choice.

Destiny 2 How Do I Get Dust Rock Blues?

Following method which I use to get.

  • The first step is to go to the canal boat in EDZ and load your menagerie. Then run through the game. In the end, you will be greeted with a chest that contains a legendary engram. Once you’ve picked up the engram, you can open it and receive the elusive Dust Rock Blues. This method is not difficult, but you’ll need a lot of patience and forbearance.
  • The second step is to run through the menagerie. It is a quest for legendary weapons. You can only use this quest once, so you need to run through it at least once. The reward is an amazing legendary engram that can give you a significant amount of gold. To get the engram, you must level up your chance of opulence and have the right setup.
  • The third step in getting Dust Rock Blues is to make a zoo run. This will give you the bluestone you need to kill enemies. To obtain this engram, you can simply put a rune of abundance in your top stock space. Then, place any blue engram in the left opening. After that, just use Lavishness to open a Chalice in the Quest tab.

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Destiny 2 Dust Rock Blues Guide

You can still get Dust Rock Blues by running through the lost sector. To do this, you need to place runes inside the correct slots. After you do that, you can run through the menagerie and kill the boss. After you do this, you can open the chest and you will have the new item in your inventory, Dust Rock. This quest is a part of the main story, so you will have to complete it to unlock the rest of the achievements.

Farming Guide

Dust Rock Blues is a legendary shotgun that is now quite popular in PvP. (Primarily due to its very high range stat). Dust Rock Blues has a default range value of 68, but with the right combination of perks, it may be greatly increased.

As a result, a reasonable roll (maximizing the shotgun’s potential range) is commonly thought to include:

  • Full Choke (doesn’t improve any stats, just tightens projectile spread – increases 1hk range by about 1/2 meter)
  • Accurized Rounds (range stat +9)
  • Mastery of Range (+9 to range stat)

The shotgun can reliably 1hk at 9m with the above perks and has a range stat of 86.

An ideal role for this weapon would have the following, as well as (this may vary depending on personal preference, but this is the general community opinion on the greatest perks to having):

  • Image from a slideshot (Sliding reloads equipped weapon, whilst granting increased stability and most importantly RANGE)
  • Snapshot sights (faster ADS (Aim-down sights) speed; also useful on shotguns for aiming help while ADSing)


  • Rifled Barrel, Smoothbore, Smallbore, Barrel Shroud, Corkscrew Rifling, Full Choke, Rifled Barrel, Smoothbore, Smallbore, Barrel Shroud, Corkscrew Rifling, Full Choke (Only 1 possible chance)
  • Assault mag, Appended mag, Tactical mag, Extended mag, Steady rounds, Accurized rounds, and Light mag are the seven types of magazines available (2 possible chances)
  • Handling, Range, Stability, and Reload Speed are four possible masterworks.
  • Slideshot, Threat detector, Field prep, Moving target, and Pulse monitor are the five options for Trait #1.
  • Rampage, Grave Robber, Snapshot sights, Full auto trigger system are the five Trait #2 possibilities. Auto-Loading A 0.952 percent chance of getting a solid roll from a random Dust Rock Blues drop in your holster (i.e you should get one of these approximately every 105 drops)
  • A random Dust Rock Blues drop has a 0.038 percent chance of yielding a perfect roll (i.e you should get one of these approximately every 2,632 drops)
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Gamers Asked Questions

In this section, you will find answers of questions which are related destiny 2 Dust Rock Blues, these question are asked by gamers.

How do I farm dust Rock Blues?

Farm Dust Rock Blues at the EDZ’s Firebase Hades. Once you’ve landed in the EDZ, look for the Pathfinders loss sector on your map. Hover your mouse over the loss sector icon on your map to see the name. Simply run the loss sector and kill the boss at the end to farm the Dust Rock Blues.

How do you farm darkest before?

Darkest Before is a reward drop obtained by defeating the Kell Echo at the end of the Prophecy Dungeon. To farm Darkest Before, however, you must have completed all of the previous encounters in the activity. This means you won’t be able to simply steal a boss checkpoint from another group of players.

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