[Fixed] D2 Armor Picker Not Working -Easy Steps

What is D2 Armor Picker?

D2 Armor Picker is a simple tool that is developed by Mijago that helps the users to select the best armors from their inventories and vault to pick the best combinations of armors for their Titans, Hunters or Warlocks. It is more helpful if you don’t know what armor combinations are best for your Titan or you are just starting out.

This tool makes the whole process of choosing and optimizing your loadout in destiny 2 much easier. You don’t need to over think about what will be the best combinations for your hunter.

How D2ArmorPicker works?

Just log-in to your Bungie.net page and it will automatically grab the access token of D2ArmorPicker. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get your login credentials, rather just an authorization token. The tool will go through all of your armor and mods and then recommend a loadout based on your needs. Don’t worry, if you want to ensure that you always use a specific Exotic, you can lock it in so that the Exotic is always in your inventory.

How to resolve D2 Armor Picker Not Working Issue?

If your D2 Armor Picker is not working it could be because you are trying to login but the authorization token of the tool is expired. Just re-login to the Bungie.net page so that the tool gets the temporary login token from the Bungie to make it working.

And if you are still getting error on D2 Armor Picker, simply change your tool and go to d2armorpicker.com and it will work for you. Simply, log in using your Bungie account and select the stats that you want your Guardian to have. You can swap these around as much as you want according to your needs.


There could be number of reasons that why your d2 armor picker is not working, but the tool that I have provided you in this article will surely work for you. Just remember to login to the bungie.net page to authorize the tool so that It can work smoothly. And if you liked this article, please let us know about your feedback. Also, if you are facing any other issue just comment down below. We have also published a guide on how to use d2 armor picker that you can read.

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