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Australia’s Top-Rated Gym Equipment for Cardio Training

Australia’s fitness scene is burgeoning, and the demand for top-quality, high-performing gym equipment has never been higher. The desire to maintain optimal health and wellness is driving Australians to invest more time and resources into cardio training, a fundamental aspect of any well-rounded fitness program. As such, there is a growing demand for reliable, efficient, and advanced cardio equipment that can help individuals meet their fitness goals. This comprehensive review will explore the top-rated gym equipment for cardio training in Australia.

Treadmills: The Classic Choice

Treadmills remain a staple of cardio training worldwide, and Australia is no exception. They are versatile machines that cater to a wide range of fitness levels and goals, from beginners aiming to build up stamina to experienced athletes seeking high-intensity training. Several treadmills stand out in the Australian market due to their advanced features, durability, and overall performance.

  • Technogym’s MYRUN Treadmill: This smart treadmill combines design, connectivity, and superior running ergonomics. Its integrated technology allows you to create personalized workout programs and monitor your performance in real-time.
  • The NordicTrack Commercial 1750: This model is lauded for its powerful yet quiet motor, broad speed range, and adjustable cushioning. It also comes with a touchscreen and offers a one-year iFit membership, providing access to an extensive library of workout classes.

Stationary Bikes: The Indoor Cycling Revolution

Stationary bikes, particularly spin bikes, have surged in popularity over recent years due to the rise of high-intensity spin classes and advanced home workout systems. They offer an intense cardio workout and have less impact on the joints compared to running. Two notable models in the Australian market include:

  • Peloton Bike: Known for its connectivity and immersive workout experience, the Peloton Bike offers a broad range of on-demand and live classes that make indoor cycling more engaging and challenging.
  • Wattbike Atom: The Atom is celebrated for its accurate performance data and realistic ride feel. Its smart technology integrates with popular cycling apps, making it a top choice for serious cyclists training indoors.

Elliptical Trainers: Low Impact, High Results

Elliptical trainers offer an effective cardio workout with less strain on the joints, making them a popular choice for those with joint problems or who prefer a low-impact workout. Some standout models in Australia include:

  • Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer: This machine offers a smooth ride, durability, and high weight capacity. It features adjustable stride length, customizable programs, and an integrated tablet holder.
  • Precor EFX 222 Energy Series Elliptical Crosstrainer: Renowned for its commercial-grade quality, this machine provides a robust cardio workout with variable stride length and multiple pre-set workout programs.

Rowing Machines: Full-Body Cardio

Rowing machines are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide a full-body workout and efficient calorie-burning capabilities. They also cater to all fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes. Two top-rated models in the Australian market include:

  • Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine: This model is a favorite among fitness enthusiasts for its durability, performance accuracy, and smooth operation. It also features the advanced PM5 Performance Monitor for tracking workouts.
  • WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine: Known for its unique water flywheel that mimics the feel of rowing on water, this machine offers a smooth, quiet, and efficient workout. It’s also praised for its attractive wooden design.


Cardio training continues to be a crucial element of fitness routines, and with the advancement in technology, manufacturers are continually innovating to deliver top-rated gym equipment. These machines, popular in Australia’s fitness scene, provide effective workouts, superior quality, and advanced features that allow users to track and enhance their performance. As technology continues to advance and fitness trends evolve, it’s likely that gym equipment will follow suit, offering even more innovative and efficient ways to engage in cardio training.

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